3 Recommended tools to Check your Grammar mistakes

Imagine you have spent days writing a unique article after getting ideas from multiple sources but you are unable to generate traffic on the page.

What could be the reason? Are there grammatical issues in your content? If yes, then you are making a big mistake and it can lead to reducing the volume of visitors on your page.

Grammar is an important factor to make the text flow better and keep your audience engaged. It helps the users to easily read and understand the main thoughts of an author. 

So, you all need to improve the quality of your articles by making them grammatically perfect and removing all the errors from there.

For a human, it can be tricky to get the grammar mistakes from an article, so you can get help from the online grammar checker.

What are grammar checker tools?

These are online AI-based tools that read the provided content deeply and take out mistakes from there that are reducing the fluency of text.

When a user places the text in these amazing tools, they underline the lines that need improvement. Users can remove errors from those lines and make the text grammatically perfect

Numerous such tools are available online that can benefit the writers in multiple ways and keep them working better.

Here we will discuss some of the best grammar checkers in this article.

Top grammar checker online 

When we look for a top-quality grammar checker on the search engine, we get a long list there. So, it becomes difficult for a user to select the best one.

Here in this article, we will bring ease for the users and provide them with a list of the best online tools that they can use and improve the quality of their content.


1. Grammarly

This is another trusted application used by the users and the hot favorite of many writers. But one thing that all the users need to consider is that it doesn’t provide its advanced features for free.

But still, it is one of the favorite tools of the users due to its amazing functions. Let’s discuss the top feature of this tool in detail.

  • Make the flow better

This online tool detects the accurate issues in the article so users can get the benefit to make the text of better quality.

So, writers can increase the interest of readers and keep them engaged on your page.

  • Clarity

This top grammar checker can help to increase the clarity of the content and make the text precise. So, readers can easily understand the context of the article.

  • Fix spelling errors

Sometimes, a user makes the mistake of spelling that is generally not highlighted in MS Word. Suppose you are using the word “there” instead of “their”.

This grammar checker will understand the intent of that term and after that remove those spelling mistakes so that audience may not get confused while reading the content.

  • Premium plans

This online tool provides most of its features for free. Like if you want to remove the basic errors from the lines, you can simply use its basic version.

But as a pro writer, you may need to improve the quality of the content at a higher level. So, you can use the premium plans and get advanced features to make the text better.

2. Prepostseo.com

It is one of the best grammar checkers that can make your text grammatically perfect and help to engage more readers on the page.

This online tool is full of advanced features and here we will talk about some of the best things that it offers to the users.

  • Auto-suggestions

This online tool provides accurate results to the users. When the text is inserted in this top tool, it scans the entire document and suggests the changes.

It helps the users to save their time and make the content flow better with just one click.

  • Multiple languages

No matter which language you are using in your article, it can understand every one of them and can make them perfect.

This tool supports multiple languages thus bringing ease for the users from different regions.

  • No limitation

Users are not restricted to using limited words using this online tool. They can check the grammar of unlimited words in a single sitting.

  • No registration 

You don’t need to get registered before using this grammar checker. It provides all of the features for free without any cost.

There will be no pop-up message for subscription or payment while using the online tool.

3. Editpad.org

In the list of best grammar checking tools, it places a special place due to the accurate results it provides to the users.

So, users can trust this online tool and make the content quality better. Let’s dive deep and talk about the amazing features of this punctuation checker.

  • No installation

You can directly use this amazing tool on the search engine. There is no need to install this tool on your device before using it.

Just go to the search engine and open this online tool. Put your content here and it will highlight the mistakes instantly.

  • Secure to use

Most users hesitate to use online tools due to privacy issues. But this online tool is very safe in this term.

It doesn’t share the data of its users with other sources neither it saves the content in its database. This feature makes the content more reliable.

  • Save the reports 

After generating reports and making the text free of errors, you can directly save the reports on your device. 

Click on the download button and you will have the new file saved in your system.

Final lines

To generate more traffic on the page and keep your readers engaged, you all need to improve the quality of your content.

For it, you have to remove the grammatical issues from lines that are disturbing the fluency of the text.

You can remove those errors from the article by using a grammar checker that highlights the lines that need improvement.

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