Essay on Prevention is Better Than Cure For Students & Children

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Essay on Prevention is Better Than Cure For Students & Children

Short Essay on Prevention is Better Than Cure in 150 words

The truth of saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is immediately understood in a medical context. To be careful not to fall ill is much better than to become sick and then get cured. It is true that most diseases have cures. But the best state of health is that in which you don’t think of medicines at all. The saying has a wider connotation also. It is always better to prevent anything bad from happening than to let it happen and then repair the damage. A wise man will always try to anticipate the problems that are likely to arise and try to avoid them. Only such people will be successful in life. Those who do not do so are likely to pay a heavy price later to rectify the damage done.


Prevention is Better Than Cure Essay

Most of the people in India believe in fate. Particularly, the old people and especially if they are illiterate also, are inclined to have such beliefs.

The question of fate is not that easy. It is possible that we have sometimes to meet an unexpected man or event in life such that the course of our life changes altogether for good or bad.

Still, there are certain things in life that are to a great extent in the hands of man himself.

Take, for instance, the question of keeping good health. Almost everybody now knows that there are certain things and activities which help us in maintaining good health and there are others which spoil our health or prove slowly harmful. If we eat too much, we get indigestion, and if we get indigestion, how can we condemn fate when this trouble is of our own making?

Those who take too much fat and salt and a high-calorie diet, develop several diseases such as heart trouble, high blood pressure, paralysis, kidney or liver failure, and so on. If they lead a sedentary life, their condition becomes worse.

Such people have to take so many medicines with their breakfast and sometimes with lunch and dinner also.

Similar is the case with drunkards and smokers also. Those who drive vehicles rashly and in a drunken state sometimes meet horrible accidents.

All such people have to spend much money on the treatment of diseases, surgeries, and operations. Still, they may not feel normal.

The best way to ward off diseases is prevention. We should take a light nourishing diet and have regular exercise daily.


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