Essay on Onam Festival in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Onam Festival in English For Students & Children

Short Onam Festival Essay

Onam is a harvest festival of Kerala. It is celebrated on Shravan day in the month of August or September. It is a time when nature is at its very best with flowers everywhere. The harvest has been reaped and granaries are full. Farmers are free of worries and are in a mood to enjoy and make merry.

Early on this day children go out to gather flowers. They return laden with flowers of colours and scents. With these, they make beautiful floral designs in front of their houses.

On this day every minute of the day is enjoyed. Each meal of the day is very special and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The famous snake boat races of Kerala are held on this day. This is an activity that attracts people from far and wide. It has special significance to the people of the land as teams representing their home locality would be competing in the race. It is a very exciting event that grips all the Malayalis.

Traditionally, this festival celebrates the return of the glorious king Mahabali of the ancient past to visit his beloved people. Legend has it, that he was a great king whom his subjects loved very much. Thus this festival welcomes and entertains King Mahabali the whole day long. In the evening many dances and other programs are organised.


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