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India was in the thick of its freedom struggle. Indians were made to pay tax for salt, which was hence freely available. Consequently, Gandhi decided to use the salt-tax issue to launch a non-violent civil disobedience movement. Since everybody used salt, his choice appealed across regional, class, and ethnic boundaries. On March 12, 1930, Gandhi and approximately 78 satyagrahis set out, on foot, for the coastal village of Dandi some 240 miles from their starting point in Sabarmati. It was a journey that lasted 23 days. On the 6th of April, he picked up a lump of mud and salt and boiled it in seawater to make salt. Everyone began to make salt. Following this, the British arrested him and a lot of his followers. The march caught the attention of the world. Finally India, in its long struggle for freedom, won its independence on the 15th of August, 1947 and Dandi was the turning point.


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