Essay on My Pet Dog in English For Students & Children

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Essay on My Pet Dog In English For Students & Children

Essay on My Pet Animal Dog 

My pet dog is Roney. He is very dear and affectionate to me. He was only a few days old when I brought him. Now he is about two years old. He has become an important member of the family. He eats with us. He sleeps with us. He behaves very nicely.

He never bites. He occasionally barks. He growls at the strangers. He never allows anyone except the household members to enter the house. He is a good watchdog. He looks after the house as a good watchman does. He meets us halfway when we come home. He wags his tail. He jumps in excitement. It is his way of welcoming the members of the family. He lifts his forelegs and paws again and again in a seesaw, manner. He licks the feet and hands of the owner. He is very friendly with the children. He plays with them. He is fondled by them. He skids. He jumps. Sometimes he dances on his legs especially hindlegs and looks very charming.

He eats very little. He eats only when he is hungry. In the morning he takes a cup of simple milk. People say a dog does not take ghee. He cannot digest it, but it is an exception in the case of our Roney. He is very fond of butter and ghee. Fruits are his favourite. He eats gleefully banana, apple but certainly not guava and orange. He is a master of his sweet will.

Now dogs are of many breeds. But ours is Pomeranian. They are of many colours. They are of many sizes. But our Roney is quite small but quite alert and smart. He goes like a bullet. His daily quota of food is very limited. He sleeps very little. He barks even at the slightest move by a stray cat or a stranger. It shows his leopard-like alacrity. We cleanse him. We bathe him. He is very sensitive to the changing weather. He cannot bear excessive cold or scorching heat. Once in six months, we take him to the veterinary hospital. There he is given an injection to keep him in good health. He is our pet. He is our dearest friend.


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