Essay on Student and Social Service For Students & Children

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Essay on Student and Social Service For Students & Children

Student and Social Service Essay

Students are a great task force. They can move mountains. They can grow gardens in barren lands. They can raise crops even in deserts. They can extract precious pearls and gems from the womb of the sea. They can go to any length of the world.

They are young, energetic, and enthusiastic. They are daredevils. They can change the very shape of a village or a town provided they have the will to do it. If they are inclined to perform a thing, they will do the impossible. But mind you, they cannot be forced or pressurised. They can be persuaded. They can be guided and advised.

Now social service demands something personal such as interest, attention, and inclination. It is a collective venture. It needs team spirit. It requires cooperation. One imbibes the spirit of Community Service. Students can visit a village during their summer vacation. They can dig wells. They can hold classes for the adults. They can revolutionise the mass media. They help form public opinion. Village cleanliness such as health and hygiene of these illiterate people can be taken up with seriousness. They can make the village dust-free, dirt-free, and disease-free. All of us knew that dirt is a silent killer. It breeds diseases.

Students can play a pivotal role in the betterment of the community or the society where they live. They can tell the people in the neighborhood about social evils such as drinking, gambling, drug abuse, dowry, etc. They are educated. They can educate the unlettered and the ignorant. No doubt, the job is of astounding magnitude. But their patience and determination can work wonders. By doing the small thing they will be to will take you to the other end of the globe. The condition is to have the will to do it. Teachers can inspire their students for community service. Social service is rewarding work. Its result is far-reaching. Who knows a social worker of today became leader of the nation in future.


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