Essay on Look Before You Leap For Students & Children

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Essay on Look Before You Leap For Students & Children

Look Before You Leap Essay in 300 words

When one has to jump from one place to another, one has to be sure beforehand that there is nothing hard and uncomfortable on the other side. If there is something like that, it has first to be removed or set right.

Similar is the case in our life. If we keep sitting in one place without making any effort, we can make no progress.

It is for the sake of progress which is the essential condition even for existence, we have to take jumps and leaps.

However, when we have to take a leap in life, we must be sure about ourselves what we are going to do, where we are going, and what we hope to achieve.

A student first studies in a school. There he has to study the subjects which are prescribed, all the subjects being compulsory up to the tenth class.

Thereafter, the student has a choice. He may choose the arts, the science, or the commerce stream, or any other stream which is available in that particular institution or school board.

This choice or option has to be exercised very judiciously since a wrong choice can mar an otherwise brilliant student’s career.

This choice has to be made keeping in view one’s aptitude, the kind of guidance available, and the prospects of employment or vocation later in life.

The same principle continues to apply in going in for higher studies and, indeed, in all walks of life, including employment in a particular company, joining a particular technical or vocational course, immigration into another country, making matrimonial alliance, etc. So, we must look before we leap.


Long Essay on Look Before You Leap in 700 to 800 words

Look before you leap is a proverb that means that one should give thoughtful consideration before doing anything. In fact, every action should be governed by recognizing its consequences for oneself and others: for every action is bound to have a reaction: and if the reaction may be harmful to anyone, then that fiction itself should be avoided.

This applies to every sphere of activity in the life of man. A simple action like crossing the road can have fatal consequences if one does not look at both sides of the road carefully. One should be very careful even if one is in a great hurry.

Again, important decisions in life, which may appear simple, may require deep thought before taking action. For example. choosing subjects in school, on the surface may seem to be easy enough, but it is a very important decision because it is going to affect one’s future career and life as a whole. A wrong decision, for instance, choosing science instead of humanities if one does not really have an aptitude for it. may spoil one’s whole life. One may not do well in it, and lose interest in studies. Sometimes students are tempted to choose particular, subjects because their friends have taken them, or they are forced by their parents to take up a particular branch of learning. This is a pitfall one should avoid by considering the consequences of such an action.

Again, another major decision in life is taking up professional studies. This again is a difficult decision. Sometimes, students opt for a particular professional course because they might have got good marks in a subject but without really enjoying working at it. Thus, a student might opt for medical studies because he might have done well in math and biology but might hate going to the hospital and not have the temperament of mind and heart to look after patients. Such a student would do well to see if his aptitude lies more towards engineering. architecture. commerce or any other profession.

It is the same thing where taking up a job is concerned. One should look for a job that would give one mental satisfaction instead of taking up the first one that comes one’s way. For example, I have a friend who accepted a job as a lecturer in a college because that happened to be the first one he got. However, he hated teaching and found himself to be very unhappy. He found fault with the students, the environment, the other staff members, and so on. Later he quits the job for banker’s job, handling finance, and was very happy with it. He had found his niche, but only after losing a few years which, had he opted for the bank job earlier, would have taken him ahead by promotion.

In fact, look before you leap, in other words, to give careful consideration before acting is very relevant to our daily life. For instance, even if we promise to help a friend we should be sure that we would be able to fulfill it; otherwise failure to do it might not only mean loss of face, but also a valuable friend who might feel totally let down.

Thus, every act in life and every decision, however, major or minor should be given careful thought of the consequences to oneself and others. This would lead one to be sure of oneself and be confident in whatever one does. Thus, to look before you leap is a wise maxim to follow in life.


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