Essay on If I were a Bird in English For Students & Children

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Essay on If I were a Bird For Students & Children

If I were a Bird Essay

It was man’s desire to fly in the sky that made him manufacture airplanes.

However, I have a different kind of longing. It is to become a real bird. Since this longing cannot actually be fulfilled, I have decided to imagine myself to be a bird.

While desiring to be a bird, one should also decide what kind of bird one wants to be.

I’m, of course, here concerned with myself only. If I desire to be a hawk, falcon, or eagle, I’d be able to fly very high in the sky and that at great speed. But that would be cruel since all these are predatory birds that kill other innocent small birds such as sparrows. So, I won’t like to be any of these birds.

As far as a parrot is concerned, it talks too much. A pigeon proverbially closes its eyes if a cat or other hunter animal or bird comes. A crow caws too much. A sparrow makes nests in houses, though it chirps melodiously.

There are certain birds that have no wings such as penguins, ostrich, kiwi, etc. I won’t like to be a wingless bird.

A dove is a beautiful bird. It coos melodiously and it is a symbol of peace. So, I may like to be a dove. But, the dove is too weak and innocent to protect itself against weather or enemies.

Finally, I’d like to be a peacock, the national bird of India. As such I would dance colorfully in mango and guava gardens and raise my sweet voice as the clouds appear in the sky.

Like a peacock, I’d sometimes fly up to sit in the branches of trees. Children would be very happy on seeing me.

I’d kill snakes and other such harmful creatures. I’d do no harm to human beings and innocent animals and birds.

Like a peacock, I’d draw the attention of all and everybody would appreciate my colourful feathers and above all, my circular dancing mango groves.


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