Essay on Ideal Citizen in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Ideal Citizen in English For Students & Children

Short Essay on Ideal Citizen

We are all the citizens of India. We are the children of Mother India. We hence have equal rights and duties.

In spite of this, it is not certain that all of us are ideal citizens. We should all try to become ideal citizens of India. That is the best thing for us as well as our country.

Mr Kumar is an ideal citizen. He is every inch a patriot. He is ready to die for the country. He pays all his taxes regularly. He is very honest in his dealings. He works sincerely. He never wastes his own or others’ time.

Mr Kumar has a great civic sense. He never wastes water, electricity, petrol, or gas. He does not try to spread pollution. He uses an electric vehicle.

He does not adopt corrupt and underhand methods to become rich overnight. He works hard to achieve success.

He believes in spreading education, literacy and healthcare, cleanliness, and population control awareness. He participates in all national and social activities and schemes and campaigns such as pulse polio, adult education, poverty removal, etc.

He goes to slum areas during his free time to teach the slum dwellers the importance of literacy, small family, cleanliness, etc.

In times of the nation and natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, famines, fire, and war, etc he donates whatever he can do to the national relief fund.

He is a highly educated man and strains every nerve to uphold the values of human rights, social equalities, non-violence, universal brotherhood, national integration, democracy, transparency in public affairs, a non-polluted globe, etc. by raising his voice through the mass media.


An Ideal Citizen Essay in 300 words

An ideal citizen is one who knows his civic rights and duties. He does not misuse his rights or shirks his responsibilities. He is not selfish at all. He lives not only for himself or for his family but also for others. He responds to the call of the country wholeheartedly. He is a patriot but not a blind zealot. In peacetime, he is a well-behaved and law-abiding citizen. In wartime, he chooses willingly to become a soldier for defending his motherland.

An ideal citizen is honest in word and deed. He is tolerant and sympathetic. Money does not tempt and corrupt him. He is truthful and straightforward. He knows that the right to vote should be used intelligently. He is always law-abiding and never knowingly breaks a law. At the same time, he helps the authorities to bring lawbreakers to book.

An ideal citizen is a man of integrity and character. Discipline and cooperation are his watchwords. He neither offers bribes to others nor accepts it himself. He neither spreads rumours nor listens to the rumours spread by others. He pays the income tax and other taxes honestly. He is enlightened and wide awake.

An ideal citizen loves his countrymen irrespective of caste, creed or colour. He displays his good sense in every walk of life. He works patiently and reaches the top. He keeps his head above the evils of jealousy, enmity and dirty politics. He does not destroy or spoil public property. He does not take part in any anti-social activities. He does not break street lamps.

It is not gold but the character of its people which makes a country great and strong. Greatness lies in the people of a country and not in its wealth. The call of the country is to become ideal citizens.


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