Essay on Guru Nanak Dev Ji in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Guru Nanak Dev Ji in English For Students & Children

Short Guru Nanak Dev Ji Essay

India is the land of saints and sages. They are born for the benefit of mankind. Great Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in Nankana Sahib west Pakistan. He preached the true name everywhere. He was the founder of Sikhism. He was above caste, colour, and creed. He toured throughout India. He even went beyond the Indian border. He visited Mecca, Tibet, and Nepal. He had a great following.

Right from His childhood, he was uncommon. He was lost in his thoughts. He could not be taught. He was self-taught. He loved the company of the holy men.

He married at the age of 18, had two sons. He gave the message of truth, love, kindness, and sympathy. People came to listen to him from far and wide. He died in the year of 1539. His teachings are the guiding spirit. We cherish them very much. We follow them in letter and spirit.


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Essay on Guru Nanak Dev Ji ( 300 words )

Guru Nanak was born in village called Nankana Sahib on 15th April 1469. Nankana Sahib is now in Pakistan. Guru Nanak dev possessed extraordinary heavenly and spiritual qualities at even the tender age of childhood. At school, he shocked the village school teacher by learning the entire alphabet in one day. As a child, he composed a hymn. This hymn is included in the secret Guru Granth Sahib.

Nanak as a boy was different from other boys of his age. He used to sit in meditation for hours together while the other boys played. He was very honest, very pure, and very spiritual. One day his father gave him twenty rupees to do some business. He used the money for feeding the saints. On asked by the father about the business he said that he had invested the sum in a pure, holy, and true business. He called it Sacha Sauda. ‘Worried by the non-earthly ways his father decided to marry him at the age of fourteen. But this too could not detach him from the path of God.

He was put under the service of Governor Daulat Khan Lodhi of Sultanpur. He was made storekeeper. He worked there very honestly and sincerely. One day after taking his bath in the Kali Bai river he went into the forest. There he heard some celestial voice urging him to teach humanity the worship of God. From that day he became a saint.

Guru Nanak was a great spiritual teacher. He believed in one God. He preached that all men were equal. He told people that he was neither a Hindu nor a Muslim but a human being a child of God. According to him, God was within. He asked people to look for him in their own hearts. He spread the message of truth and equality by traveling far and wide. Many Hindus, as well as Muslims, became his followers.


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