Essay on Good Behaviour in English For Students

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Essay on Good Behaviour in English

Good behaviour is the biggest wealth of a person. Good behaviour earns a person high status in society as well as success in all spheres. A person with good conduct has a calm mind and he is also able to accomplish all his tasks well.

The primary characteristics of an honest person are honesty, non-violence, faith in God, love and respect for fellow beings. Lord Rama was a virtuous person. He greeted everyone with love and respect. But Ravana earned a bad name when he kidnapped Sita.

Virtuous people never do anything wrong and thus, they are not afraid of anything. They keep themselves in good company and good atmosphere. They prove their words through their deeds.

A virtuous student is one who has the qualities of hard work, soft speech, love, respect for elders and friendly behaviour. By inculcating these values we make a place for ourselves amongst our friends and elders. We stay happy and it also improves our work quality.


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