English Conversation | Dialogue between Doctor and Patient

Question- Write a Dialogue between Doctor and Patient


Answer– Conversation Between Doctor and Patient about cough, headache, and pain in all my body.


Dialogue between a doctor and a patient.

Patient: May I come in sir.

Doctor: Please come in. Is there anything I can do for you?

Patient: (Taking his seat in front of the doctor). I have not been keeping fit for a couple of days. I have a cough, headache, and pain in all my body.

Doctor: Are you running temperature also?

Patient: I did not take my temperature. But I feel I might be running some temperature.

Doctor: Please keep this thermometer under your tongue (the patient does it. The doctor feels the pulse of the
patient. Then he takes out the thermometer). You are running temperature also. Did you eat anything unhealthy?

Patient: I don’t think I did. I attended a party four days back. I must confess I over-ate that day.

Doctor: Don’tworty. You will be well in a couple of days.

Patient: Is it because of overeating, doctor?

Doctor: Your overeating at the party is definitely one of the causes. You know how many people in the city are suffering from the flu. You must have been in contact with a flu patient.

Patient: Yes, doctor. That must be the case. My cousin is suffering from the flu. I went to see him after the party.

Doctor: It’s all right. Let it not bother you. Take this medicine. Take a dose every four hours. And please let me know how you feel in the morning.

Patient: Thank you, doctor.


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