Essay on Makar Sankranti in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Makar Sankranti in English For Students & Children

Makar Sankranti Essay in 300 words

`Makar Sankranti’ is a Festival that is celebrated on 14th January. It has a geographical background. It is supposed to mark the day when the sun changes its position and starts moving towards the northern hemisphere. People can expect longer days and shorter nights from this date onwards.

Different parts of the country celebrate the festival in different ways. In Maharashtra, people make sweets of till and distribute them to their friends. They tell their friends to eat sweets and talk sweetly. This means that they consider Makar Sankranti as a feast of friendship.

In Gujarat Makar Sankranti is enjoyed by flying kites. In fact, it is the festival of kite-flying. People gather on rooftops to watch the fights between different kites. There is great rejoicing and applause when one kite cuts off another, whistles are blown and drums are beaten. Everyone has a gay time flying kites. The sky appears full of kites of all colours and sizes.

The festival has religious significance too. People are supposed to give alms to the poor, put on new clothes and share and eat sweets. It is an enjoyable occasion for the young and the old alike. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the fun is spoilt when an accident occurs. A boy might lean out too far over a terrace, and lose his balance. In this case, he will fall and hurt himself and have to be rushed to a hospital. Again children who rush to pick up a kite that has fallen may not notice the oncoming traffic. They might be knocked down by a speeding vehicle and be seriously hurt, apart from these few stray incidents Makar Sankranti is indeed an enjoyable festival.


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