Essay on City Life vs Village Life for Students & Children

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Essay on City Life vs Village Life for Students & Children

City life and village life have their own merits as well as demerits. For many people, city life means comforts, conveniences, facilities, and opportunities. This is very much true. The cities provide various facilities like transport, communication, shopping, libraries, housing, banking, etc. The cities have many educational institutions offering varied courses ranging from nursery to post-graduation. There are numerous well-equipped nursing homes and hospitals where specialised doctors treat patients for all sorts of ailments. Cities have plenty of means of entertainment and recreation like theatres, clubs, restaurants, cultural centers, amusement parks, gardens, etc. However, the biggest attraction of the cities is the opportunities for business and employment. So a large number of people are moving from villages to cities every day. These are the chief merits of city life. Since villages lack these, they are also the demerits of village life.

City life has its demerits too. Many of the cities are overcrowded, polluted, and insanitary conditions prevail there. Life is in a hurry. It is a never-ending pursuit to earn more money. Crime is common. Electricity and water supplies often break down. There is an acute scarcity of housing. Slums are plenty. People have little time for recreation. Villages do not suffer from many of these demerits.

Thus city life and village life offer a striking contrast. The merits of one are the demerits of the other and vice versa. One has to decide what one wants.


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