Essay on Charity in English for Students

We are Sharing an Essay on Charity in English for students. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Charity Essay in  200, 300, and 400 words.

Essay on Charity in English for Students

Charity is a noble virtue. A man of a charitable nature is a true lover of mankind. To help out a person in distress is a divine quality. There is an incalculable amount of suffering in the world. Millions of people don’t get two square meals a day. Those who roll in riches should help those who live in want and misery. To relieve suffering or hunger gives a person true joy.

Charity may be shown in many ways. If a beggar stands at our door for alms, we should give him what we can easily spare. Before parting with money to him, it should be ensured that his needs are genuine. Otherwise, the spirit of charity may be misused. Sometimes the need for charity is more urgent. Whenever there is some natural calamity like an earthquake or a flood, it becomes imperative for all to donate money generously.

Charity should not be shown without distinction. If every beggar receives charity, the number of idlers will grow. Instead of using limbs, they would hold begging bowls and stand in every nook and corner. Some people are unduly charitable. The able-bodied beggars thrive on their gifts. They don’t find it necessary to find a job to make their living. It is advisable therefore to make donations to charitable institutions.

Charity should be shown secretly. It should not be used to give publicity to oneself. Some people try to gain publicity while making donations. This type of charity lacks high standards. There should be no selfish motive behind an act of charity. It is a moral duty of us all to be charitable in this world of untold suffering.

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