Essay on Prohibition in English

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Essay on Prohibition in English

Prohibition is a legal check on the evil of drinking. Drinking is one of the most destructive vices in society. It breaks up family life. It disturbs the harmony of social relations. It weakens human faculties and causes damage to health. That is why it is said that it is out when the wine is in. Drinking also increases accidents, quarrels, and crimes. Hence the need for prohibition.

Some people oppose prohibition. They say that drinking adds to the zest of life. It makes people forget the anxieties of daily life. Another argument against prohibition is that it causes a big loss in government revenue. It also gives rise to several evils. Since confirmed drunkards can’t abstain from drinking, they stealthily import liquor. The breaking of the law becomes a habit. The secret supply of liquor and illicit distillation become an order of the day.

The actual working of prohibition has proved to be a failure. The folly of prohibition was seen when it was introduced in states like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. As a result, corruption increased among the prohibition enforcement staff. There were angry protests from different quarters. So prohibition was either scrapped or delayed in many states. It is better to discourage people from drinking. It should be done

through education and persuasion. It is not right to go to the extreme and prohibit drinking. Prohibition may be a good political shint but is a bad biological principle. We can’t change a drinker into a teetotaller overnight by introducing prohibition. It is admitted that a small dose of alcohol is an effective tonic. Therefore the use of alcohol will last so long as man lasts on this earth.

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