Essay on An Unwelcome Guest For Students & Children

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Essay on An Unwelcome Guest For Students & Children

Essay on An Unwelcome Guest of 200 words

The Indians are known for their hospitality. I myself have hardly said “no” to a guest in my life. But last night, I had myself to violate this rule of mine.

It so happened that yesterday was an unusually cold day. In the evening, my mother had hardly bolted the gate, when the gate-bell rang.

I went out to open the gate. I saw a strange, old unkempt man at the gate. I called my mother. My father was out of town.

As it was extremely cold and the man who seemed to be in unfavourable circumstances, was shivering with cold, my mother took him in on humanitarian grounds before listening to his story.

As soon as the man was taken in, he demanded a bottle of ruin. my mother said that there was none at home. Then be demanded that he should be given a five hundred rupees note so that he could go and fetch it from the market. My mother boldly refused to oblige him, saying that she had no money at home and, moreover, nobody was allowed to drink in their house.

I was fearing all the time that the man might be one of the anti-social elements. I wanted my mother to turn him out of the house, but I could not say so plainly and to the face of the man as he might get enraged.

Now, the man demanded that a plate of cream chicken should be brought for him from the market. My mother bluntly refused to oblige him saying that we were strict vegetarians and neither ourselves took nor could offer anybody a non-vegetarian dish.

The man felt crestfallen and was allowed to go.

As he left the house, my mother told me that she was thinking of providing some tea or coffee and even meals to the man on humanitarian grounds. But the man probably did not deserve even this. He was an unwelcome guest.

Actually, I had told my mother through gestures to get rid of the man as I was awfully afraid of him. Both of us fully concurred on his being given this treatment.


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