Essay on A Street Quarrel For Students & Children

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Essay on A Street Quarrel For Students & Children

A Street Quarrel Essay in English ( 250 to 300 words )

Nowadays, people are in the habit of quarreling over trifles. This is what happened in my street last Sunday.

It is a holiday, all the children of our street were at their homes. The day being hot, the parents had not ta out-of-doors.

The children being children, could not be confined to the boundaries of their homes. Even in such hot weather, they preferred the naturally hot, stuffy atmosphere outside to ACs, desert coolers, and fans in n the closed rooms.

A good number of children were playing in the street. And what were they playing? Of course, cricket and that with a hard, heavy rubber ball.

It so happens that while playing the ball fell on the bare head of a small boy, Rahul. He became unconscious and now all the trouble started.

The team companions of Rahul rushed to his parents. The father showed some patience, but the mother of the boy began to cry loudly and call names to Sahil (whose ball had hit Rahul) and his parents.

The parents of Sahil who lived a few doors away also came out. Then the younger ones and supporters of the two families started using physical force against each other. They hit each other, pulled each other’s hair and some of them somersaulted in the street as if they had been showing some acrobatic tricks. Indeed, it was a free for all and had it been a show in a film instead of its being a real happening, it would have been worth watching for all lovers of fun and adventure.

The denouement came when the police suddenly arrived and saw the melodramatic performances of the crazy people in a crazy locality and perhaps in a crazy town with their own eyes.

The tragedy of this all was that nobody really cared for the unconscious boy, not even his parents. He was taken to hospital by the police and his life was saved. The police reprimanded the members of the two families and advised them better to participate in some T.V. serial than show such macabre feats in the streets.


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