Essay on A Journey by Train For Students and Children

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Essay on A Journey by Train For Students and Children


Short Essay on A Journey by Train 100 words

My mother had to go to Amritsar by train. She took me with her. We boarded the train from New Delhi Railway Station. I got a seat by the side of a window. Soon the compartment was occupied. It was now time to leave. The guard blew the whistle and waved the green flag. The train began to move. Soon, it picked up speed. I looked outside through the window. I saw the farmers working in the farms. Cattle were grazing in the fields. I read my comics to pass time. At one of the stations, my mother bought lunch for us. I slept for some time after lunch. The train stopped at many other stations. The train reached Amritsar late in the night. It was a pleasant journey.


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Essay on Train Journey in 300 words

My grandparents live in Amritsar. Amritsar is situated in the Punjab state of India. This year I went there to spend my summer vacation with them.

I along with my family reached the railway station before time. We had reserved our tickets in Delhi to Amritsar Shan-e-Punjab train. It leaves Delhi station in the morning. As the train arrived at the station, we boarded it. We found our seats. We arranged our luggage. I sat on the seat near a window.

The train streamed off as the guard blew the whistle. People were still looking for their seats. Soon all of them settled down. I watched out of the window. Station left behind. All the buildings were running rapidly. Actually, it was the train, not the buildings, which were moving. The train halted many times at many stations.

At every new station, passengers boarded the train. Some (passengers left the train. At every station, the scene was almost the same. On the train, tea was served. It could be bought by anyone; willing to take. Some people had got their snacks and lunch with them. They took their snacks with tea.

After crossing Ambala, lunch was served. People had their lunch. We had our own lunch, we took it. After eating my lunch, I felt like sleeping. I mapped for some time.

My mother woke me up. I saw it out of the windows. We were in Punjab, Lush green fields sprang around. It was wonderful to see that spread of greenery. I felt fresh. Tiredness flew away. Soon we are about to reach Amritsar.

At the station, my Mamaji had come to receive us. We hired a taxi and reached the house.


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