Essay- Many parents are unhappy with the amount of violence in video games, TV programs and other leisure activities

Academic Essay- Many parents are unhappy with the amount of violence in video games, TV programs and other leisure activities. How harmful could this be to children? What could be done to solve this problem?

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Sample Answer-

Deteriorating effects of video games, TV shows, and other leisure activities

Most of the parents in today’s era are worried about the harmful impacts of their children playing violent video games, watching television shows and other leisure activities of such nature. There are many problems associated with the excessive playing of video games by kids.

Researchers have found that an increase in these activities can cause an emotional disorder in children. Their behaviour can also be affected as they become more irritated and annoyed than usual. It can also affect their memory as they might start to forget things more easily like an older adult. It can also lead to somatic complaints from the children. They might become inattentive and intolerant because of an excess of video games and TV shows. This will even hurt their academic performance, i.e., low scores in school examinations. It will further cause less interaction with family members and less attachment thereof. Electronic waves create a lack of sound and deep sleep as it makes kids anxious and restless. Playing violent video games will lead to violent and aggressive behaviour of a child when he/she will become an adult. Watching violent cartoon shows will have the same detrimental effect on kids as playing video games.

Cases relating to fights and bullying in school is on the rise and can be read in newspapers on a daily basis. Every single day, some child is beaten to death or injured by his/her classmates or peers in schools. We can, for example, take the blue whale games effect. This Blue Whale Challenge was a social networking phenomenon, and the end challenge required the participant to commit suicide. Unbeknownst to the people throughout the world, this online challenge has taken more than just a few lives, clearly demonstrating the harmful effects of video games, TV shows, and other related activities for kids.

Therefore, these games and TV programs should be kept away from the reach of innocent kids which will help in improving their health and future per se. Children can be moulded by educating them about the ill effects of playing violent video games in school and at home. Parents can try to deliver positive habits and hobbies for their children which will keep them away from these games and TV.

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