Dialogue Between Two Friends discussing their hobbies

Question- Write a Dialogue between two friends discussing their hobbies


Answer– long Conversation | Dialogue between two friends discussing their hobbies


Karan: See what I have got here.

Sahil: Oh! it is an ancient Indian coin.

Karan: Yes, I have many coins from different countries. These belong to different periods of history.

Sahil: Show me some more, please.

Karan: If you come to my house I shall show you many more.
I have only a few of them in my pocket. Here, look at these.

Sahil: From the letters on this one, I can say it is a Russian coin.

Karan: This is three Kopeck coins. How did you know it

Sahil: I have seen Russian stamps.

Karan: Is stamp collecting your hobby?

Sahil: No, my hobby is gardening. If you come to my, house I shall show you the garden I am nursing.

Karan: What is the use of having gardening as a hobby?

Sahil: It is just a matter of liking. It is a way to pass your leisure hours. Gardening is a very useful hobby, as far as I think.

Karan: How? please tell me.

Sahil: It is a useful occupation in many ways: you get a good knowledge of different flowers and their season. Ours is an agricultural country. We should know something about plants and the soil. Gardening is a good exercise also.

Karan: I think the house looks cleaner if there are no plants.

Sahil: I do not agree with you. Flowers and plants impart beauty to your house. You get a taste of the country, though you may be living in a city.

Karan: You seem to be right, after all. I had never given a thought to all this.

Sahil: Please tell me something about your hobby also.

Karan: My hobby also is useful and has many advantages. Coins tell you a lot about the religious, social customs, and kings in history. They bring the past living before you. I love history.

Sahil: You have a good hobby.

Karan: All hobbies are good. One should avoid idleness. It is a sin. Sahil: You are right. Now, when are you visiting my garden?

Karan: I shall like to visit you tomorrow, one if it is in the evening not inconvenient.

Sahil: Are you busy on Monday? l can come in the evening.

Karan: You are welcome. Right, then, we meet tomorrow.

Sahil: Yes, Goodbye!

Karan: Goodbye!


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