Short Conversation Between Two Friends about Study

Question- Write a Short Conversation Between Two Friends about Study


Answer– Dialogue Between Two Friends Alice and Erica about Study


The study material for students- Short Conversation Between Two Friends about Study

Alice: Hello Erica, how are you?

Erica: Hello Alice, I’m fine thank you and how are you? Sorry for last evening, I couldn’t take your call, as I was out with my family. Was it something important you wanted to talk about?

Alice: That’s fine Erica, you do not have to feel sorry. I just wanted to ask you if you could do me a favour?

Erica: Sure, what kind of help do you need?

Alice: Could you please help me in completing my business studies assignment?

Erica: Of course yes, I would love to.
What is the topic?

Alice: We need to explain the business environment in detail with the help of some real examples.

Erica: That sounds like an interesting topic.

Alice: Yes, it’s quite interesting.

Erica: When is the assignment submission deadline?

Alice: It’s next week.

Erica: ok. So let’s meet this weekend and finish the assignment.

Alice: That’s so nice of you. Let me know what timings will be suitable for you on Saturday.

Erica: Ok sure, will drop a text by tomorrow evening letting you know that.


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