Chaos in a Sentence

Sharing Chaos in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Chaos in Example Sentences.

Chaos in a Sentence

1. The country was in a state of chaos right now.

2. He felt chaos after losing his mother.

3. No modern city is without traffic chaos.

4. Heavy rainfall will bring chaos to the roads.

5. There was a lot of chaos when the party used tear gas.

6. It was unnecessary chaos.

7. The town was in utter chaos during the riot.

8. There will be chaos without proper governance.

9. Long queues of patients lead to chaos in hospitals.

10. Freedom without discipline leads to chaos.

11. There will be chaos unless we adhere to the rules.

12. The store was in chaos when its computer system shut down.

13. They never came to a point of agreement and always were in a state of chaos.

14. Your actions might lead to a lot of chaos.

15. We are leading toward the path of chaos if we do not honor discipline soon.

16. The repair of the road has resulted in a lot of severe traffic chaos.

17. If the police go on a strike our whole city will drown in chaos.

18. No traffic lights will lead to chaos on roads.

19. Due to chaos in the meeting, everyone left the hall.

20. Half-truths and lies lead to a lot of chaos.


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