Building in a Sentence

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Building in a Sentence

Use the word Building in a sentence, please write sentence with Brilliant word

1 Children love sandcastle building.

2 Progress requires steady building.

3 Building bridges connects hearts.

4 Hard work is the foundation for building.

5 Lego pieces fuel creative building.

6 Engineers design skyline-changing buildings.

7 Ancient civilizations mastered building.

8 Building skyscrapers demands precision.

9 Communities thrive through cooperative building.

10 Tools aid in efficient building.

11 Diligence drives successful building.

12 Sustainable building benefits Earth.

13 Building knowledge empowers minds.

14 The building stood tall in the city center.

15 Its glass facade sparkled in the sunlight.

16 Workers were busy renovating the old building.

17 A crowd gathered to watch the building’s inauguration.

18 Elevators whisked people to the top floors.

19 The building’s architecture was modern and sleek.

20 Security guards patrolled the building’s entrance.


Write 20  short sentences with Building word Examples

1 Building bridges mends divides.

2 Building character shapes destinies.

3 Building empathy fosters understanding.

4 Building knowledge opens doors.

5 Building relationships enriches lives.

6 Building resilience conquers challenges.

7 Building trust strengthens bonds.

8 Building dreams crafts realities.

9 Building with love creates harmony.

10 Building hope ignites spirits.

11 Building skills empowers growth.

12 Building foundations support aspirations.

13 Building community fosters belonging.

14 Building moments we cherish.

15 Building on failures leads to success.

16 Building on gratitude breeds happiness.

17 Building with integrity builds honor.

18 Building on courage inspires leaps.

19 Building mindfulness cultivates presence.

20 Building a legacy shapes eternity.


Write 30 long sentences of Building word | Building word in a sentence examples

1 Building is a fundamental human endeavor that spans across various domains, encompassing physical structures, emotional connections, and intellectual pursuits.

2 The act of building intricate architectural marvels showcases humanity’s capacity to transform imagination into tangible reality, shaping skylines with towering skyscrapers and ornate cathedrals that stand as testaments to innovation and ambition.

3 Building bridges between cultures and nations fosters international cooperation, enabling the exchange of ideas, resources, and cultural experiences that contribute to a more interconnected world.

4 The process of building strong relationships requires dedication, communication, and mutual understanding, as individuals collaborate to construct bonds of trust and support that withstand the tests of time.

5 Building a sense of community within neighborhoods involves creating shared spaces and activities that encourage residents to interact, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among diverse individuals.

6 Constructing a foundation of knowledge through education is essential for building a society equipped with the skills and insights needed to navigate complexities and adapt to changing circumstances.

7 Building emotional resilience involves developing coping strategies and psychological strength to navigate life’s challenges, fortifying one’s mental well-being and capacity to thrive in adversity.

8 Building upon historical lessons allows societies to evolve, learning from past successes and mistakes as they construct systems that prioritize progress, equity, and justice.

9 Crafting a personal narrative involves building a coherent and meaningful story that captures one’s experiences, values, and aspirations, guiding the direction of their life journey.

10 The act of building a career involves honing skills, making strategic choices, and seizing opportunities to construct a path of professional growth and fulfillment.

11 The process of building a healthy lifestyle encompasses cultivating balanced habits related to nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being to construct a foundation for longevity and vitality.

12 Constructing a work of art requires meticulous attention to detail, as artists bring their visions to life through brushstrokes, musical notes, or words, building emotional connections with audiences.

13 Building consensus within a group necessitates open dialogue, compromise, and collaboration, resulting in collective decisions that strengthen unity and cooperation.

14 Building sustainable practices involves creating systems that minimize negative environmental impacts, and preserving natural resources and biodiversity for future generations.

15 Constructing a fair and just society requires dismantling systemic inequalities and discriminatory structures, and building frameworks that ensure equitable opportunities and treatment for all.

16 The process of building self-awareness involves introspection and exploration of one’s values, strengths, and weaknesses, fostering personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself.

17 Building a global perspective involves acknowledging the interconnectedness of cultures, economies, and ecosystems, shaping informed perspectives on global issues and solutions.

18 Crafting an effective communication strategy involves building clear messages and choosing appropriate channels to convey information, facilitating understanding and engagement.

19 Building an innovative business involves creating unique products or services that address unmet needs, while also constructing a strategic plan for growth and market penetration.

20 The art of building suspense in storytelling requires skillful pacing, carefully constructing tension and anticipation that captivates readers and keeps them engaged.

21 Constructing ethical frameworks involves building moral principles and guidelines that guide decision-making, ensuring actions align with values and uphold integrity.

22 Building a just legal system necessitates constructing laws that protect individual rights, promote fairness, and build a foundation for a well-functioning society.

23 The process of building a scientific theory involves accumulating evidence, testing hypotheses, and constructing models that explain complex phenomena and drive understanding forward.

24 Building critical thinking skills involves nurturing the ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information, constructing informed viewpoints, and making sound decisions.

25 Constructing a plan for personal growth requires setting goals, building a roadmap for skill development and self-improvement, and consistently building on achievements.

26 Building digital technologies involves creating intricate systems of code and algorithms that underpin modern communication, entertainment, and information exchange.

27 The art of building empathy involves developing a deep understanding of others’ perspectives and emotions and constructing connections that foster compassion and unity.

28 Building resilience within ecosystems involves restoring biodiversity, protecting habitats, and constructing measures that promote long-term sustainability and balance.

29 Constructing historical narratives requires piecing together artifacts, documents, and accounts to build accurate depictions of the past, preserving collective memory.

30 Building an inclusive society involves recognizing and valuing diversity, and constructing environments and systems that provide equal access, participation, and opportunities for all.


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