Blows in a Sentence

Sharing the word Blows in a Sentence, These sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Blows in a Sentence Example.

Blows in a Sentence

Use the word Blows in a sentence, please write sentence with Blows word

1 The wind blows softly.

2 Life’s unpredictability sometimes blows.

3 The storm blows fiercely.

4 She blows out the candles.

5 The whistle blows for kickoff.

6 He blows up balloons.

7 Bad news sometimes blows.

8 The fan blows cool air.

9 She blows on hot soup.

10 The referee’s whistle blows.

11 The wind blows fallen leaves.

12 The wind blows dust around.

13 The trumpet blows a melody.

14 The dryer blows warm air.

15 He blows into the harmonica.

16 She blows bubbles with gum.

17 The horn blows for departure.

18 The tornado blows through towns.

19 The wind blows through open windows.

20 The horn blows to signal arrival.


Write 20  short sentences with Blows word Examples

1 Blows the wind, rustling leaves.

2 Blows the whistle, game starts.

3 Blows out candles, darkness follows.

4 Blows through trees, soothing sound.

5 Blows softly, caressing cheeks.

6 Blows away worries, like clouds.

7 Blows up balloons, colorful fun.

8 Blows on soup, and cools it.

9 Blows the horn, traffic moves.

10 Blows bubbles, childhood delight.

11 Blows the sand and covers tracks.

12 Blows the trumpet, music fills.

13 Blows kisses, expressions of love.

14 Blows the chance, regrets follow.

15 Blows the whistle, and the game stops.

16 Blows the fuse, lights out.

17 Blows smoke, fire danger.

18 Blows the chance, and another arrives.

19 Blows through hair, refreshing breeze.

20 Blows the dust, reveals old memories.


Write 30 long sentences of Blows word | Blows word in a sentence examples

1 As the wind blows gently through the trees, the leaves rustle, creating a calming melody of nature’s whispers.

2 When adversity strikes and life’s challenges seem overwhelming, it often feels like a harsh blow that shakes our foundations.

3 The referee’s decisive blow of the whistle signaled the end of the intense match, leaving players and fans alike on the edge of their seats.

4 In moments of frustration, it’s important to remember that one setback doesn’t define us; we can recover from any blow and continue forward.

5 The storm’s strong blows rattled the windows and sent waves crashing against the shore, showcasing the sheer power of nature.

6 She skillfully blows on the delicate dandelion, watching as the seeds scatter and carry wishes to new beginnings.

7 The conductor raises his baton, and the orchestra responds with a symphony of sounds, creating harmonies that seem to ride the airwaves with each blow.

8 The balloon artist expertly blows up colorful balloons, twisting and shaping them into various animals and shapes to the delight of the children.

9 His impassioned speech delivered a powerful blow to the prevailing misconceptions, challenging the audience to reconsider their long-held beliefs.

10 The candlelight flickers as a sudden gust of wind blows through the open window, casting dancing shadows on the walls.

11 The firefighter faces the blazing inferno with courage, braving intense heat and gusts of smoke as he battles to control the destructive blows of the fire.

12 When disappointment strikes, it can feel like an unexpected blow to our hopes and dreams, but it’s essential to regroup and persevere.

13 The boxer’s well-timed blow landed squarely on his opponent’s chin, leaving the crowd gasping in awe at the display of skill and precision.

14 The sculptor gently blows away the excess dust from the intricate marble carving, revealing the exquisite details that lie beneath.

15 The hurricane’s destructive blows left behind a trail of devastation, with homes destroyed and landscapes forever altered by its force.

16 In moments of emotional turmoil, a kind word or gesture from a friend can feel like a gentle breeze that blows away the storm clouds.

17 The storyteller weaves a tale of adventure, where a single decision can lead to a cascade of unforeseen events, like a series of blows altering fate.

18 The sudden blow to her self-esteem left her feeling shattered and uncertain, but with time, she learned to rebuild her confidence.

19 The blows of fate can test our resilience, but they also provide opportunities for growth and the development of inner strength.

20 The old windmill creaks and groans as the wind blows, a testament to its endurance against the relentless forces of nature.

21 The passionate musician blows air through the saxophone’s reed, producing rich and soulful melodies that resonate with the listeners’ emotions.

22 In the realm of competitive sports, one team’s unexpected comeback can deal a devastating blow to the confidence of their opponents.

23 The roaring ocean waves crashing against the rocks demonstrate the unyielding blows that time and erosion inflict upon the coastline.

24 Despite the blows of life’s challenges, his unwavering determination and positive outlook enabled him to emerge stronger and more resilient.

25 The powerful blow of the sculptor’s hammer against the chisel shapes the raw stone into a masterpiece that captures the essence of his vision.

26 The blow to the economy caused by the unexpected market crash highlighted the need for resilience and adaptability in the face of uncertainty.

27 The sweet melody of the flute player’s breathy blows evoked a sense of serenity, transporting listeners to a world of tranquility.

28 With every brushstroke, the artist’s imagination comes to life, creating scenes that seem to carry the gentle blows of inspiration on their canvas.

29 The sudden blow of fate’s hand forced her to reevaluate her life choices and priorities, leading to a transformative journey of self-discovery.

30 The arrival of a new day is often accompanied by the first rays of sunlight that gently blow away the darkness, offering a fresh start and a chance to begin anew.


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