Admitted in a Sentence

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Admitted in a Sentence

Use the Admitted word in a sentence, please write very short 20 sentences

1 She admitted her mistake.

2 He admitted his guilt.

3 They admitted their errors.

4 She admitted her fear.

5 He admitted his uncertainty.

6 They admitted their shortcomings.

7 She admitted her lack of knowledge.

8 He admitted his misjudgment.

9 They admitted their regrets.

10 She admitted her misunderstanding.

11 He admitted his responsibility.

12 They admitted their faults.

13 She admitted her flaws.

14 He admitted his imperfections.

15 They admitted their failures.

16 She admitted her confusion.

17 He admitted his vulnerability.

18 They admitted their hesitations.

19 She admitted her doubts.

20 He admitted his weaknesses.


Write 30  long sentences with admitted word | admitted word in Sentence Examples

21 In a moment of honesty, she admitted her mistake to her supervisor during the team meeting. She explained the circumstances that had led to the error and took responsibility for the oversight.

22 As he stepped onto the stage to give his speech, he admitted to feeling a rush of nerves. He shared with the audience his past experiences with public speaking anxiety and how he was working to overcome it.

23 The student met with his teacher after class and admitted that he hadn’t completed the assignment on time. He explained that he had faced unexpected personal challenges and requested an extension.

24 During a therapy session, she admitted to having a fear of public speaking. She delved into the origins of this fear, recalling a childhood incident that had left a lasting impact on her self-confidence.

25 In a press release, the company’s CEO admitted that their latest product had a manufacturing defect. They outlined the steps they were taking to recall the affected items and offer replacements.

26 Seeking help in a subject she struggled with, he admitted his lack of knowledge to his classmates during a study group. He asked for clarification on certain concepts and appreciated the collaborative learning environment.

27 Facing suspension from the sport, the athlete admitted to using performance-enhancing substances during a press conference. They expressed regret for their actions and vowed to learn from their mistake.

28 In a heartfelt conversation with her friend, she admitted that her recent actions had been irresponsible and had hurt others. She shared her feelings of guilt and discussed how she planned to make amends.

29 After receiving feedback from her students, the teacher admitted that the lesson plan had not been engaging enough. She described her plans to incorporate interactive activities and real-life examples to enhance learning.

30 During the trial, the defendant admitted his guilt in the crime. He recounted the events leading up to the incident and expressed remorse for the harm caused to the victim.

31 In a therapy session, he admitted to his envy of his colleague’s success. He explored the underlying emotions that fueled his envy and discussed strategies to shift his focus toward personal growth.

32 Following thorough experimentation, the scientist admitted that the initial hypothesis was incorrect. They discussed the implications of the findings and how they would adjust the research approach.

33 In a support group, she admitted to struggling with mental health issues for years. She shared her journey of seeking therapy, medication, and support from loved ones in her quest for healing.

34 When questioned by the police, the driver admitted to running a red light and causing the accident. They provided a detailed account of the incident and expressed concern for the other individuals involved.

35 During a casual conversation, he admitted his admiration for his role model’s achievements. He explained how the role model’s success had inspired him to pursue his own goals.

36 Following reader feedback, the journalist admitted that the article contained inaccuracies. They issued a public correction, explained the corrections made, and reaffirmed their commitment to accurate reporting.

37 In a candid interview, she admitted that her behavior at the party had been influenced by peer pressure. She reflected on the experience and discussed strategies to assert her own values in similar situations.

38 As part of a plea agreement, the defendant admitted his involvement in the robbery. He described the circumstances that led to the crime and expressed remorse for his actions.

39 Over a cup of coffee, he admitted his excitement about the upcoming vacation. He shared his travel plans, the destinations he was looking forward to, and the activities he had planned.

40 In a sincere conversation with the teacher, the student admitted that he had copied his friend’s homework due to time constraints. He explained that he had struggled to manage his workload.

41 Recognizing the complexity of the project, she admitted that it was beyond her skill level. She discussed her efforts to collaborate with more experienced colleagues to ensure its successful completion.

42 In a reflective moment, the politician admitted to making promises during the campaign that were unrealistic. They discussed the challenges of balancing campaign rhetoric with practical policy implementation.

43 During a team meeting, he admitted to having doubts about the project’s feasibility. He elaborated on the challenges the team had encountered and proposed potential solutions.

44 In a therapy session, the patient admitted to not following the prescribed treatment plan. They discussed the reasons for noncompliance and explored strategies to overcome barriers to adherence.

45 In a private conversation, she admitted her disappointment at not being selected for the team. She shared her aspirations, the effort she had put into training, and her determination to improve.

46 While interacting with customers, the chef admitted that the dish hadn’t turned out as planned. He described the intended flavors and presentation and offered a different dish as an alternative.

47 Attending a support group, he admitted his addiction and discussed the impact it had on his life. He shared his journey towards recovery, including seeking professional help and attending meetings.

48 After receiving feedback from an art critique, the painter admitted that criticism had an impact on his self-esteem. He described his efforts to separate his self-worth from external judgments.

49 Over a dinner conversation, she admitted her love for adventure and exploration. She recounted memorable travel experiences, the places she hoped to visit, and the thrill of discovering new cultures.

50 During a team meeting, the employee admitted his error and took responsibility for the mistake. He explained the factors that had contributed to the mistake and proposed strategies to prevent recurrence.


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