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The space travel is fantastic these day and they are very fascinate towards its but there are many environmental problems in our planet we should resolve the problems or travel space and spend a lot of money


Space exploration requires vast sums of money. Is the amount of money spent on space research justifiable? Could the money be better spent?


Space travel is a dream come true for many of us. How fascinating it would be to travel across galaxies and explore the deepness of space. But, obviously, this adventurous dream comes at an extortionate cost. Why should we abandon our beautiful planet in the first place? We never bothered to explore our home planet and admire its beauty. We never cared to unravel complications of the environment in our planet. Let us see, where we head to, in this curious discussion.

There are many countries who spend almost a part of their GDP to initiate space research and travel. But, the question what we must ask is ” Does it worth it?”. Space travel and research have a really low success rate. There are only few Space centers which are considered to be triumphant. A lot of money dissipate when a space research gets unsuccessful, and it creates the situation of bankruptcy for such countries.

In a split view, countries should initiate investing in new technology that can help us to preserve our home planet. Our planet created an adequate environment for originating life and all we do is turn our backs on it. The present environment problem what we are going through is because of our actions. We established industries which spread pollution but the consequences are being faced by our home planet “Earth”.

Global warming is one such event which reflects our failure and immaturity towards the environment. Icebergs are melting elevating sea levels and summers are getting hotter, all we can do is try to find aid for our personal problem instead of elucidating environments. Nasa has already begun their research on other planets in search of life and that day is no longer away, where we have to abandon our home planet seeking shelter on another.

In my opinion, we rather make the contribution to aid our environment and try to make it livable for our loved ones. There is no point to out for a wild goose chase in a deep dark ocean, instead, we have a lot to explore on our home planet. Even the deepest of the sea far more interesting to search than a cold creepy hollow black dimension.


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