Difficulty in speaking fluent English | Try these tips to overcome hurdles

Top tips for improving English speaking fluency

In this era of the internet our world has turned into a global village and while all of us might be having different cultures the only thing we can bond over is speaking the same language. Having proper fluency is very important as it will help you get ahead in all aspects of your life. Given below are some tips and practices which will help you improve your English speaking fluency.

1. Become comfortable with English

Don’t treat it as a foreign language anymore and try to understand it like your first language. You can take a class or enter into the online language acquisition program as you need to understand the system of its working.

2. Stop studying grammar

This is the most common mistake people make as to study a big pile of textbooks and try to learn the grammar. Don’t try to study or learn it but to understand it. Grammar rules help you to think in English which will help you speak fluently automatically.

3. Overcome your psychological barriers

We have a made up our mind that English is a difficult language and speaking it fluently will take a lot of time. This is just a myth which people have made in their minds. You need to overcome your psychological barrier and try to work towards improving your vocal English.

4. Always listen first

Many times we listen to reply and not to understand. Don’t rely on your textbooks and get out in the world and try to listen to people and understand their way of speaking, tone, and frequency. This will help you to improve your fluency.

5. Think in English

As soon as you stop translating and think in English you will have a proper fluency in no time. Learn new words in English rather than learning it in your first language and translating it later.

6. Get a translation dictionary

Having a continuous flow is important while speaking and many times we break this flow as we don’t know how to translate the words in English fast and then speak it. Get a dictionary and translate the words beforehand.

7. Expand your vocabulary

Learn new words every day and try to use it into sentences. This way you will develop a fluency and have a continuous flow of words.

8. Watch online videos

Watching videos have a greater impact than reading. You can stream videos online which will help you increase your vocabulary and also teach you to communicate in English and will help you fulfill your professional needs.

9. Find a friend who is learning English too

Having a companion who has the same struggle as you can help you to communicate more and help you improve.

10. Be confident

Many times we stutter as we are not confident to speak. Speak confidently and your fluency will improve on its own.

The above tips will help you improve your fluency very quickly and you will feel a part of this global village we have created. It will help you become more confident and also develop your personality.

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