Academic Essay- The performance of staff can have a significant impact on the success

Essay topic- The performance of staff can have a significant impact on the success of a company What can companies do to increase staff productivity?

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Take any sector in the world today. From business to energy, from education to information technology, all companies are driven by success. The latter is measured in terms of their market value and how much profit they earn. As such, most companies start seeing everything with regards to the numbers they generate and forget the component that actually generates the same – its people. A highly-motivated workforce can drive your company to the peaks of success. As such, the efficiency of a company’s employees can have tremendous effects on the company’s performance. Most companies are continuously devising new ways of keeping their workforce motivated.

A little appreciation goes a long way. Line management should laud an employee’s outstanding performance when due. This can be a pat on the back, an appreciation email, a monetary reward or simply a certificate on a job well done. Appreciating someone’s hard work in front of the entire company will not only make the employee proud but will also inspire others to follow suit. Motivation is one of the key pillars that humans desire and feed off on. Employees can be motivated by providing an incentive. This can be in the form of a performance incentive bonus that one receives at the end of the appraisal cycle. Every organization should ensure that the basic requirements of the job’s environment are met so the employees can devote their full attention to the job at hand. This includes contributory provident fund, providing health insurance for the employee and his family members etc. Quarterly or annual feedback sessions should be held between the employee and his manager to facilitate rapport between different levels of the corporate ladder. Annual team building events can also be organized so employees can let off some steam and take a much-deserved break.

For instance, my company has a Reward of Excellence program, wherein people who have achieved milestones in their day-to-day job are provided with a cash reward as well as a certificate of excellence. This incentivised program has inspired the majority of the workforce to get creative and do something extraordinary so they can be recognized for their achievements.

As is evident, ensuring overall satisfaction is the prime responsibility of any organization. Employees need to know that the blood, sweat and tears that they put into their jobs matter. Doing so will take any business to the pinnacle of grandiosity and success.

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