Academic Essay- Many people think that regions affect a successful person

Essay Writing Sample- Many people think that regions affect a successful person. What is your opinion about native region and accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to.

Write 250 to 300 words essay.

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Sample Answer-

Unfortunately, you can find various regions in India that have not developed adequately in terms of economy and technology. Therefore, people tend to think that the person belonging to that particular region can’t achieve success. Perhaps they don’t know that success demands continuous efforts in the right direction by an ambitious individual. Yes, the adverse effects of the region can’t be ignored completely, but the goal-oriented person knows how to overcome the limitations and hindrances that are restricting his path of success. The native region is responsible for inculcating a healthy attitude and discipline in an individual.

Mukhtarul Amin is a live example who proved the said statement false. He was residing in Kanpur’s town and had to leave the college to support his family’s leather business. Later he analyzed the offshoring trend and partnered with European companies and started importing their technologies. His Superhouse Group is one of the India’s largest leather exporters. Amin made us realize that opportunities are always there we just need to recognize them and to grab the best out of them at a right time. An innovative idea doesn’t know its boundaries it can hit anybody, at any time regardless of the regional boundaries.

Flourishing in the native region can be a challenging task but a person with strong desire is able to withstand adverse circumstances. A person’s hard work and determination always pay off. However, the successful person should not disregard his roots and ensure that the upcoming generations are also exposed to his experience and must work for the well-being of the society. Mukhtarul Amin did not forget his roots and started schools and an engineering college to educate the next generation. The native region may lack glamour but the quieter and gentle way of life and the desire to hang on to local roots are assets of an individual.

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