IELTS Cue Card Sample- Describe a building/structure with architectural interest

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card Topic Sample with Answer- Describe a building/structure with architectural interest

You should say-

-what is it
-what is the historical significance of it
-why should we preserve it
and describe the building/structure in details.

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You will have 1 minute to think or make a note about the given topic and then you have to speak for 1-2 minutes.

Sample Answer-

There are several buildings all over the world with intricately designed structures that draw in a lot of tourists and devout historians and architects from all over the world.

One such structure of great importance is the terrace lined Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar, Kashmir. This traditional Mughal Garden built by Shah Jahan has today become the crown of Srinagar. The garden is nestled on the banks of the serene Dal Lake and has lush green terraced lawns, fountains, pools, flower beds and rows upon rows of chinar trees and pavilions.

The advanced Mughal engineering skills and aesthetics allowed to exploit the natural mountainous landscape of Kashmir and the abundance of water resources to their maximum potential, eventually leading to the terraced garden layout of Shalimar Bagh. The garden has a rectangular central layout with four radiating arms. It offers splendid views of the lake and the shallow terraces.

There are three main terraces that display a colourful picture. The first terrace is known as the Diwan-e-Aam while the second is known as the Diwan-e-Khas. The third terrace is the Zenana garden. Water fountains supply water to each Chinar lined terrace.

The garden houses innumerable varieties of flora that offer a marvellous play of colours when the seasons change. The Shah Nahar water canal in the garden is fed by water from the Dal Lake and runs through the centre of the garden.

The garden comes with several other architectural marvels such as Chini Khanas and the Baradari. The former are arched niches that render a distinct and unique feature to the terraced gardens. Once lit with oil lamps to give the cascading water an exotic look, they now house pots with brightly coloured flowers. The four exquisite doors of the Baradari in the garden complex are rumoured to be ruins from old temples that were demolished by Shah Jahan.

Besides being a perfect representation of Persian influenced Mughal architecture in its prime, this garden is known for its exceptional beauty owing to its spectacular mountainous natural settings which remain unparalleled in all of India This is reason enough to preserve this immaculate Mughal marvel that has stood the test of time.

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