Academic Essay Government is wasting money on the arts

IELTS Sample Essay- Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree with this view?


Spending on arts is not wastage of money to some aspect as it helps to preserve and safeguard the long or ancient heritage and culture of the nation. Protecting art is a priority for the nation as it also attracts tourist which in result to be a source of income for the nation too. The more nation spends on art the more income it gets from different sources where tourist visit to know about it and also helps to tell people of the nation about the heritage they possess.

If spending more on art is an advantage but on the other hand it has disadvantages. If money allocated for protecting art by the government is spent on making public service better it will help humans more than art. Both have importance but daily essentials and needs are more significant to people.

On one side without art life of human being will be empty like empty room surrounded by nothing. Art or paintings help to decor room in that way which gives positive vibes to work in right way. Spending on art should not be totally neglected but it should be done with a proper plan so that it doesn’t affect the economy.

If spending on public services provides better life opportunity, art also provides a way to earn with making people learn about things they haven’t seen. It cannot be said that spending on arts is wastage of money if has proper blueprint where it will go. Arts and paintings also have huge commercial value like other services that is making roads or other services.

To conclude, it can’t be said that money spent on art is totally waste as it is equally important for society.


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