Academic Essay- The gap between rich and poor is growing

IELTS Writing Task- The gap between rich and poor is growing. What problems does this create? What can be done to tackle them?


The increase in economy and technology is the reason of wide gap between rich and poor. Today’s world rich people are more dependent on technology for their daily routine work. Where they perform all their work by just sitting at home only. The gap of rich and poor doesn’t stick to only technology change but their way of living, society, and education.

The gap of rich and poor causes many problems for the economy of a nation like in developing country one can’t grow if it only bends towards rich. To increase or balance the economy to a level where it can assure that it has all aspect of becoming developed country, it has to give equal rights to both rich and poor. It has to lesser the gap of rich and poor where poor people can also have higher facilities everywhere in society, education and preference on merit like rich people.

The government has to take mandatory steps to decrease the gap of rich and poor in the economy by providing them right to avail proper infrastructure, education. Lower or poor people should be provided some kind of reservation in education institution where they can also study and improve their future. If such steps are not taken to lesser the gap, it will come to that point where rich will have everything and poor has to take permission from the higher society.

Effect of the gap between rich and poor not only stick to education or economy but to the medical field too. Rich people easily avail advanced treatment and medication while poor have to wait to avail the basic medical facility.

To conclude, the gap of rich and poor has to be cut down or decrease with strong measures so that it can help society and economy. With proper aforementioned measures and steps, the gap of rich and poor can be decreased.


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