10 Lines on My Birthday Party for Students and Children in English

In this article, we are providing 10 lines on My Birthday Party Essay in English for Students & kids. In these lines, we have tried to give the best lines on My Birthday Party. Short and simple essay on My Birthday Party for class 1. class 2, class 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 students.

10 Lines on My Birthday Party Essay


( Set-1 ) 10 Lines on My Birthday Party in English

1. My birthday comes on the 17th day of November.

2. My family celebrates my birthday with a lot of joy and excitement.

3. My parents threw a grand party to celebrate my birthday.

4. We invite all our friends and relatives to the party.

5. My grandmother baked my favorite strawberry chocolate cake.

6. We all play a number of games like musical chairs, pass the parcel, treasure hunt, etc.

7. The whole house is decorated with colorful balloons.

8. I get many gifts and surprises on my birthday.

9. We all danced and enjoyed ourselves a lot at the party.

10. All my friends get return gifts at the end of the party.

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Ten 10 Sentences on My Birthday Party

10 lines on birthday party


( Set-2 ) Few Lines on Birthday Party for kids Class 1,2,3

1. Tomorrow is the 6th of October.

2. It is my tenth birthday.

3. A birthday is a happy event.

4. I always wait for it.

5. My friends and relatives come to attend it.

5 lines on Birthday party for class 1 in English

6. They bring many presents.

7. They also give me birthday cards.

8. I very well remember my last birthday.

9. It was very pleasant.

10. My friends and guests wished me many returns of the day.

Birthday Party Sentences

11. They brought many lovely presents.

12. They clapped and sang on that day.

13. We had many sweets and soft drinks.

14. I gave them return gifts.


( Set-3 ) 10 Sentences on My Birthday Party

1 I organized My birthday party in a small resort themed with beach style.

2 On my birthday, friends and family members gathered to wish on my special day.

3 My brother surprised me with my photo cake and car-themed cake.

4 I have received so many gifts along with a new iPhone and a laptop from my family

5 On my birthday party, my best friend came back from Canada after 5 years to surprise me.

6 The main highlight of my birthday party was the pool party which everyone enjoyed to the fullest.

7 The food and snacks were handled by the best catering in town which was enjoyed by everyone.

8 The day was filled with joy, love, unforgettable memories along with unimagined surprises.

9 My birthday party was rocking and everyone enjoyed it till late at night.

10 I was feeling gratitude for everyone’s presence at my birthday party.

( Set-4 ) 10 My Birthday Party Sentences

1 The celebration at my birthday party was unforgettable.

2 My birthday party was organized by my family in our house’s backyard.

3 The birthday cake and decoration was the main highlight of my birthday party.

4 Many games were played like musical chairs, pinata, and finding the treasure.

5 All the food and snacks were homemade by my mother and aunt.

6 The fun and special moments of the birthday party were captured by a professional photographer.

7 The presence of my family members and friends made me feel the importance of their lives.

8 Before the start of my birthday party, I went to the mandir to offer prayers.

9 Everyone gifted me special gifts and blessed me with their blessings.

10 It was like a family get together along with friends after a long time.


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