10 Lines on Teddy Bear Essay in English

In this article, we are providing 10 lines on Teddy Bear Essay in English for Students & kids. In these lines, we have tried to give the best lines on My Teddy Bear. Short and simple essay on my favourite toy teddy bear for class 1. class 2, class 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 students.

10 Lines on Teddy Bear Essay

10 Lines on My Favourite Toy Teddy Bear

1. I have many soft toys.

2. My favorite soft toy is my teddy bear.

3. It is brown in color.

4. My teddy has gray eyes and is very cute.

5. My teddy bear is very soft, that is why I named it softy.

6. My grandmother gifted me this teddy bear on my 5th birthday.

7. I never share my teddy bear with anyone.

8. I always make my teddy wear different clothes.

9. I take good care of my teddy bear and keep it clean

10 I love my teddy bear very much, and I always keep it with me.


10 Sentences about my Teddy Bear

lines on favourite toy teddy bear

10 to 20 lines on Teddy Bear for kids

1. It is my teddy bear.

2. Its name is Browny

3. It is a big teddy bear.

4. My mother bought it for me.

5. It has a big head.

6. It has two small ears.

7. It has two big eyes.

8. Its eyes are very shiny.

9. It has two arms.

10. It has two legs.

11. It has black paws.

12. It has a nose.

13. It also has a mouth.

14. Its mouth and ears are pink.

15. The colour of its fur coat is pink.

16. Its eyes are black.

17. I keep it on my study table.

18. It has many dresses.

19. I like it very much.

20. It is my favourite Teddy Bear.


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