Essay on My Grandmother For Students and Children

We are Sharing Essay on My Grandmother in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide an Essay about My Grandmother for Classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 words.

Essay on My Grandmother for Students and Children

My Grandmother Essay in English

My grandmother seems to be a funny lady, but she has a heart of gold. She has a big hump on the back.

She is bowed with age. I do not know her exact age, but I can guess that she must not be less than ninety.

She has gray hair and a wrinkled face. She has a thin body, but determined willpower that dwells in it.

She gets up early in the morning before sunset and prays to God. She has a cleft stick in her hand which supports her as she walks. She keeps hobbling about in the house.

She regularly goes to the temple even if she has to do so with great difficulty. She believes that if she neglects God, she will be punished in the next world.

Throughout the day and even till late at night, she keeps telling the beads. She also repeats God’s name continuously on her lips. That is why her lips are always moving.

She is unable to do household chores. Still, she tries her best to wash her own cups, plates, and glasses. We sometimes try to persuade her not to do so, but she does not listen to us. She believes that we must continue doing some work as long as we can.

She eats very frugal meals. She takes just one or two chapattis in the morning and one or two in the evening. She says that we should not eat too much. She does not like fast and junk food and not even bread, butter, jam, and eggs. She believes in a vegetarian diet. I think she has never tasted meat, egg, or fish in life.

She is very anxious about the welfare of all in the house. She keeps asking about my welfare in particular.

She is illiterate. Still, she tries to take interest in my studies. She does not like subjects like dancing, singing, and painting. She thinks that moral and religious lessons should be taught at school.

She does not like cinema, TV, and even newspapers. However, she prays for the welfare of all the creatures on earth and believes in service to man and God.


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