10 Lines on Cleanliness for Students & Children in English

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on Cleanliness in English. In these Sentences | lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about Cleanliness. A short Essay | lines on Cleanliness for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and competitive exams.

10 Lines on Cleanliness for Students & Children in English

Ten lines on Cleanliness in English for Students

1. Cleanliness is most important for survival as it leads to a healthy body, mind, and soul.

2. Cleanliness means the absence of dirt, dust and it means complete hygiene.

3. Cleanliness includes clean and clear surroundings as well as personal hygiene.

4. Cleanliness has a good impact on our life as it prevents diseases.

5. We should keep ourselves clean by taking a bath daily.

6. We must clean our house daily so that all the bacteria die and our house will become clean and healthy.

7. Government has started the clean India Mission to spread awareness regarding cleanliness.

8. It’s every citizen’s responsibility to keep the surroundings clean.

9. Keep your nails clean so that you can prevent diseases.

10. Don’t throw garbage in the open, use dustbins.


Few Lines on Cleanliness For Kids

1. Cleanliness is an action by which our body, house, surroundings, and work area remain clean and pure.

2. Cleanliness is given so much importance because diseases can be avoided only with cleanliness.

3. Our neat and clean Place shows the cleanliness of our mental state.

4. Dirt produces many types of germs, bacteria, viruses in the surrounding areas which cause many diseases.

5. Cleanliness is very important to maintain our healthy lifestyle and standard of living.

6. Cleanliness makes us healthy in all ways mental, physical, social, and intellectual.

7. Taking a bath daily, keeping our surroundings clean, Putting the garbage in the dustbin – all these things come in


8. Ireland comes first in the world in terms of cleanliness and India ranks 98th on this list.

9. To make people aware of cleanliness, the Indian government is running a lot of campaigns like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

10. It is our duty to make India clean, beautiful, and healthy, so we should join the cleanliness campaign.


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