The Value of Friendship Essay in English for Students

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The Value of Friendship Essay in English for Students

No man can live alone. He has rightly been called a social animal. For him, solitude is a punishment. A punishment that he fears even in his dreams. For him, the company is a necessity. Life is full of moments happy and sad depending on the events good or bad. Every human being requires a friend to associate with in order to share the moments of his life.

It is the basic characteristic of human nature to force you to talk, to converse with people around you. A good and honest friend is the best company you can possibly have. Such a relationship is not born but it takes its time to develop. This depends on common interests, understanding and accepting the other person’s likes, dislikes, preferences, habits, and nature. Love and be loved. The other person needs you as much as you need him. Only then can a friendship take its hold.

You do not need a friend only when you are distressed. No doubt, a true friend is one who will always stand by you in your moments of adversity. A friend in need is a friend indeed. But there are other aspects of life too. To be accepted the way you are is a sign to consider yourself lucky. If you have such a personality as your friend, you need no other to trust upon. You have stuck upon the gold mine of lasting friendship. You do not have to hide behind the barrier of formalities due to the fear of hurting the other. You can be free of your behaviour rules.

Life is full of tensions at various stages, There are problems you are scared to discuss with your family members. You try to be secretive but you can’t. It troubles you. Then what? You are restless. You want to share a secret. Well! There is your friend. Studies, movies, picnics, in fact, every time you need a friend. You need to enjoy life, you want to and of course, you can. Your only necessity is a company, a friend.

There can be trying times for you as well! When you, know what you need, you must know what to give. A helping hand, a slight gesture, your presence, and your words will only strengthen the existing bond. You cannot afford to lose him. You do not desire to be lonely in this madding world.

Life is but one to live. There is a need for a merry laugh supported by a good sense of humour. You can be serious every now-n-then. ‘Smile — it improves your face value, `Laugh it improves your health.’ These statements are not meaningless. Have a friend and you will know the value. Friendship is the need of every soul, not for a day but as long as your heart continues to beat.


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