Essay on My Best Friend in English for Students and Children

In this article, we are providing an Essay on My Best Friend in English for Students and Children. In this, you will get a short essay on My Best Friend for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in 100,200,300,400,500,800, 1000 words

Essay on My Best Friend in English for Students and Children

My Best Friend Essay in 150 words

A good friend is god-gifted. He is a heavenly boon. He is selfless. He stands through thick and thin. He shares our weals and woes. He sinks and swims with us. Atul is my best friend. His father is a teacher. His mother is a housewife. He is my class fellow. He is the monitor of the class. He helps me with my studies. He is a brilliant student. All the teachers love him. Atul is good in both books and games. In the playground, he plays a fair game. He never plays foul. He has won many shields and trophies. Atul is a good debater. He has won many prizes in debates and contests. He has always topped the class. He is very clean and tidy. He is very smart. Hed is my ideal. I have learned many good things about life from him. May our friendship last forever.


Essay on My Best Friend in English

I have many friends. All friends cannot be termed as best or even good. Most of them are selfish and opportunists.

My best friend is Krishna. He is my age. He reads in my class. He is my next-door neighbor. We go to school together. We sit on the same bench. We also do our homework together.

Krishna is a very intelligent boy. He always stands first in class. He is among the best students in the class. He is also a good player of hockey. He takes a keen interest in co-curricular activities.

He also takes care of his health. He gets up early in the morning and goes out for a walk. He takes some exercise in the park and comes back home with energy replenished.

However, it is not just for these qualities that I love Krishna. It is not only because of these things that I consider him a great human being and trust him.

He has a high moral character. He never tells a lie. He is a boy of his word. He stands by me through thick and thin. He helps me whenever I’m in need of his help. He is a boy of sincerity and integrity. Even our teachers acknowledge his high sense of truth and honesty at such a tender stage.

Krishna is also a brave boy. Only last week he saved a drowning child while putting his own life at risk. Last year, he saved a child who was inadvertently left in a burning house by his parents.

Once we were having a trekking expedition in the Himalayas. Suddenly, my foot slipped and I fell down. I got a fracture in my leg. It was Krishna who took me to the hospital and remained with me till I recovered. He incurred all my medical expenses from his own pocket and refused to accept them when I offered him money.

I’m proud of such a friend. Truly, Krishna is my best friend. May he live long!


Essay on My Best Friend 

A friend is the blessing of God. Unlucky are the persons who have not been blessed with faithful friends. I have a number of class fellows and acquaintances. But these cannot be called my best friends. Of all these, Deepak is my best friend.

Deepak, as his name shows is a shining and promising boy. He has been my class fellow since we joined the L.K.G. class. His father is a college lecturer and his mother is working in a bank. His parents, though very busy, have sufficient time to spend with Deepak. They have shaped his personality well. They are modern parents and have given him the freedom to think independently. He is free to join any profession he likes.

Deepak is studious in his studies. He competes with me in all subjects. Though we are very close friends, we compete with each other. Despite this competition, we study together, exchange our notes and motivate each other. Most often, I stand first in the class but Deepak does not feel envious of me. He, rather, celebrates my success sincerely.

It is very difficult to count Deepak’s virtues. He is not only a good student, but he is a good sportsman also, which I am not. God has blessed him with a good brain and figure. He is physically very strong, but humble. Though he is very intelligent he never makes a show of it. He is blessed with a calm and cool temperament. Nobody can provoke him. What I admire most in my friend is a fine balance of different qualities. He tries his best to motivate others to do their best. He is the beloved of all. Being truthful, honest, soft-spoken, cheerful, obedient, he has won the hearts of one and all. We are called the best friends of the school. may God bless us with everlasting friendship.

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