PTE Sample Essay- In recent years, the proportion of the crimes committed by youngsters

In recent years, the proportion of the crimes committed by youngsters is on the rise. Discuss causes to this problem and suggest solutions.


In recent years, the number of crimes committed by young people in major cities throughout the world is increasing. Discuss this issue. Give reasons and suggest some solutions.

Today, we are seeing an increased number of crimes perpetrated by youngsters the world over. It is quite pertinent that we evaluate why this is happening and what could be done to resolve the same. In this essay, we will attempt to address this issue.

The 21st century is the age of modernization where information is available at the mere click of a button. The youth has unlimited access to the internet and media, both of which often act as propagators of profanity and violence. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the close-knit family structure of yesteryears has transformed drastically. With increased work pressures and commitments, parents aren’t able to keep a close eye on their children’s activities and the company they keep. Devoid of moral values and discipline, children often give into peer pressure, resorting to petty crimes and other unlawful activities. Kids whose parents aren’t well off commit crimes to get their hands on easy money so they can satiate their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. These are but some of the many reasons why youngsters are committing crimes.

To combat this issue, first and foremost, parental control is of paramount importance. Parents should take some time out from their busy schedules to connect with their kids and effectively monitor their friend circle. The media should exercise control and discretion on what is being televised. Education is key as the more children are aware of the consequences of crime, the more they will steer clear of any suspicious business. Waged employment schemes should be introduced for the poor so their kids aren’t forced into wrongdoings. Stringent laws should be put in place so potential perpetrators think twice before committing a crime.

Many youngsters in colleges are often reported being involved in drug peddling as a way to earn fast cash. While these children have an otherwise bright future, this one bad decision they made could disrupt all they had worked hard for. As a possible solution, several schools and colleges now have Substance Abuse campaigns in place.

Thus, although the statistics paint a grim future, all hope isn’t lost. It is our moral duty as parents, teachers and peers to ensure that we can change the mindset of the youth, one at a time. After all, the youth is the future and it is absolutely necessary that we mold them to be the poster child of humanity.

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