PTE Sample Essay TV has become an essential part of life

Nowadays TV has become an essential part of life. Medium to spread news & awareness and for some, it acts as a companion. What is your opinion about this?


Two decades back, an invention opened a large frontier for transmission of virtual communication and awareness. The Paramount invention was none other than the Television. Television created a stage for research and development which never took a pause and now we have 3D and curved televisions available. Today, It’s really hard to find any domestic family being who doesn’t have knowledge of television. T.V has become an essential part of the life by influencing our lives in every possible way.

If we go back in time in early days of T.V, all we had was a black and white T.V which broadcasted only a channel or two possessing limited features. But, today, as the technology has changed drastically, T.V provides a large range of channels for being watched. Channels like travel and tourism, food, news, general knowledge, movies, music and reality shows influenced every individual’s life. T.V became one of the sources of media to bring awareness and intelligence among us.

However, There are some people who make T.V their companion. They get too attached to it and engross themselves for certain entertainment programs and channels. They spend most of their productive time, gazing at the screen. One of the interesting facts is this companion is also affecting our life by making us ill. Heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, flu/pneumonia, Parkinson’s disease and liver disease are much probable to occur. Watching too much of T.V can also make an individual be antisocial affecting their future career.

When there was a devastating flood in Japan, many people were abandoned, T.V helped news broadcaster to broadcast all possible updates of the natural disaster. Many people were rescued, and many people came forward to help flood affected families but all that was only possible because of T.V

In my opinion, People should utilize benefits that a T.V provides instead treating it as a companion. It’s not good to encourage people to spend most of their time gazing at the T.V and instead suggest them to learn new things and upgrade themselves.

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