PTE Sample Essay- The newspaper is no longer a need in the modern society

The newspaper is no longer a need in the modern society. What is your opinion?

In my opinion, the newspaper is still a need in our society. In the age of the internet where websites & blogs are so prominent & the real information is easily floating on the web there are people who think that the newspaper does not fit in. but I believe that the newspaper is something which is irreplaceable even by the many advanced technological means of spreading the word. I am one of those people who still newspaper & that is why of the opinion that it still has some important role to play in society.

Well, I have numerous valid & logical reasons why we need newspaper even in the social media era. The first & foremost is out of all the modern means of spreading news & awareness newspaper is cheaper & movable. The cost effectivity is playing a very important part. It’s something that is affordable for almost everyone. Not just that the websites cannot be opened without the access of a computer or any other device along with the internet connectivity while the newspaper is something which you can easily carry anywhere you would like to.

The second very important reason is the reach of the newspaper. It is probably oldest means of media & that is why have penetrated in widespread houses. People are used to it & it is friendly for them to glance through newspaper & get the information they want to. Unlike the website where they will have to read whole content.

The bottom line is though we have many new ways to capture information the classic way through the newspaper is still matchless. Websites & blogs may be the thing for early adopters of technology but it’s not the same for everybody.

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