PTE Sample Essay- Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars as a role model

Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are a role model for youngsters. Do u support it or not? (Agree/Disagree)

An obsession with the top batsman can be an innocent reference when you’re 15 years old, people generally tend to idolise people, they try to find their peace in their idols. You may also get gaga over your favorite star’s every performance or your lovable sportsperson’s special knock. Referring these so-called celebrities as an idol or role model is not at all bad, but it’s not good as well.

You idolise those who are gifted, or in short best in their domain. You may look up to them too much sometimes that it may get cumbersome for you. Your idols are gifted when it comes to their skills, but what comes as a sad fact is that people tend to copy their habits in their ordinary lives.

Rather than inculcating good things from those gifted celebrities, we import a haughty character into us. You can be a loyal fan but you must also understand it can hamper your livelihood. A musician can exploit tonnes of your emotions in just a few minutes and you’d idolize him in a moment.

Have we ever wondered about the real heroes? The real heroes are the ones serving us silently without any cry. They are the ones that should be idolised, the real heroes can be Soldiers, Mathematicians, Scientists and every such individual associated for the good of the public.

We, humans tend to get attracted towards the fame, this is a natural instinct. Fame must never get in to blend with your idol. Your idol can be famous, but you must never choose them just for the fact that they are famed. Try to look up to qualities, Idols can be great when it comes to you moving mountains. In short, just don’t over hype things, don’t follow someone or something without any deemed reason.

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Nowadays most of the youngsters follow successful people like film and sports star as their role model. The success of their life shines like a diamond in the eyes of youngsters. Many of them blindly follow these personalities, I totally disagree with this as its leads youngsters to the wrong direction. Let’s take a look how these Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars make their impact on the youngster.

Most of the time young kids or adults are attracted towards the luxury lifestyle. Celebrities personal life may affect the followers in a negative manner. Famous golfer Tiger Woods cheated on her wife, this was very negative for his fans. In the era of social media, celebs do share their lifestyles like luxury cars, big house, and costly garments. Youngsters imitate them, by doing this many of them does not take their career seriously. Many of them leave their career to chase their fake dreams, which they follow just because of celebrities image.

Many celebrities only want popularity or fame at any cost, whether their action has a negative impact on society. People should not follow movie stars by watching their movies, the movies are fictional, not real. They are playing a character according to the script of the movie like a thief, mafia etc.

To conclude we can say, people should not blindly follow sports or film stars. At first, recognize which celebrity is good or bad for us. Many celebrities do good things like charity and run NGOs to help needy peoples. The glamorous world has a different type of celebrities positive or negative, if we follow positive we can shape our lives in a right direction.

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