Sample Essay- Company Top level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions

Company Top level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions. Discuss


Should Top Level Authorities Take Suggestions From Employees?

An organization or company is run by the team which involves top-level management and employees. The relation between employees and top management plays a pivotal role in the growth of the company, both are the pillars of the company. Now the question arises that Company top-level authorities should or should not take employees suggestion and ideas to make decisions. Some people favour to take suggestions from employees or others think it is not good for company’s growth. I think top level management should take ideas from employees because they are also an important part of the company.

Without employees we did not run any company, there should be a proper combination of both top-level management and employees. Top authorities have great knowledge of their business but employees also practically implement the ideas of top management. So, management can take advantage of the employee’s experience. By empowering the employees of the organization top management is accelerating their own business. Sometimes a minor thing can create a big problem, in that situation suggestion of employees will make a big difference.

There are more advantages if we take ideas from employees this will increase their trust towards the company which is very beneficial to accomplish the goals of the organization.

In the end, I say that there are many positive points to take ideas or suggestion from employees. Many successful businessmen have shared their experience in which they also mention that how employees play a crucial role in their business growth.

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