Essay on Health is Wealth in English For Students and Children

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Essay on Health is Wealth in English

Short Essay on Health is Wealth in 100 words

Health is the normal good condition of someone’s body. A healthy body is the home of a healthy mind. Good health is a great blessing. If health is lost everything is lost. Good health paves the way to success. It also provides peace to our minds. A healthy person can achieve his goal very easily. Healthy people are the backbone of their country. Only healthy citizens can form a healthy nation. A healthy person releases his duty very well. For gaining health we need to take proper diet.


Health is Wealth Essay 250 words

Nature has given us so many things to eat so many beautiful places to see and enjoy. We can do all this if we are healthy. If we suffer from diseases we cannot enjoy the pleasures of life.

Today in this materialistic world, people do not have time. They are always in a hurry to do things. Tension is always gripping their minds. Besides tension, there is pollution, adulteration, pesticides in eatables, etc. which keeps good health away from us. It has become very difficult to maintain good health.

There are certain things that are necessary to be healthy. Managing our time well is most important. We people should keep a few hours aside for our own selves. We should consume this time to maintain our body and mind. Early rising is the key to good health. We should sleep early in the night so that we can get up early in the morning. We should go out for a morning walk daily. It is a big booster for our health. We should take exercise daily to keep the body fit.

In the way, exercise keeps our body fit, in the similar way yoga and meditation keep our mind fit. Meditation provides peace to our minds. It keeps high blood pressure and tension away from our minds.

Healthy eating is the second step towards a healthy body. Food should be eaten properly and with time. Junk food should be avoided. Fried food should also be avoided. A balanced diet should be taken. We should eat clean food.

Cleanliness is very essential for good health. Our surroundings should be clean so that we breathe clean air. Clean surroundings prevent epidemics and other diseases.

So one should avoid doing anything which destroys our health. Only a healthy person can enjoy the comforts of life.


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