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Paragraph on My Favourite Season


A Short Paragraph on My Favourite Season for Class 1 and 2

My Favourite Season Paragraph in 100 words

There are four seasons in my country – winter, spring, summer, and monsoon. My favourite season is Spring. Spring is also known as springtime. It comes after winter and before summer. The duration of the spring season in India is two months. It is a very beautiful and pleasant season. It is neither very cold nor hot. The days during the spring season become longer and nights become shorter. People start wearing light clothes, as the temperature becomes warmer. During this season flowers grow faster and bloom. We can hear the sounds of chirping birds. The whole environment is filled with positivity during this season.


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Write a Paragraph on My Favourite Season Rainy for Class 3,4 and 5

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My favourite season is the rainy season. It falls in the Indian month of Shrawana. It is for Indians what spring for the English. It is sung of by every poet. It is the season of love and joy. It is the season of mangoes and many festivals. A group of young girls enjoys themselves in swings.

The rainy season begins early in July and lasts for about three months. The dark cloud brings great relief from the burning sun. The first shower sends a thrill of joy in every heart. The earth becomes green, fresh, and lovely. The trees are washed clean. The sky becomes dark blue. Cool breezes blow and the vegetables plants fast the streams overflow and koyal sings merrily. A rainy day means a fine day in school and college. It is an ideal day for picnics and outings.


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Essay | Paragraph about My Favourite Season for students

My Favourite Season Paragraph in 200 to 250 words

There are mainly four seasons in India. They are summer, the rains, winter, and spring. Every season has its own charm and beauty. During summer, the sun is very hot. Roads become dry and dusty. The rainy season, though provides respite to the parched earth, brings along with it problems regarding mud, dirt, floods, etc. The chilly temperature in the winter compels one to remain confined in the closet of their houses. So, all these seasons bring with them some problems. But, the spring season is the best of all. It is known as ‘the Queen of the Seasons’. I like the spring season, the most.

Spring doesn’t break like the monsoon but arrives gently, slowly. You don’t have to look up the calendar. The blossoms betray their arrival. The new leaves sprouting on leafless winter twigs confirm it and the gentle murmur of streams and rivulets announces it even to the deaf and the blind. You smell spring. Spring thus is the period of creation and recreation.

Very soon farmers wilt see granaries overflow with their produce. Merchants renew their accounts and big businessmen wait for the budget. There is a chain of festivals to welcome and celebrate the bride of seasons, and eligible young couples are tied in wedlock. This season of renewal and rebirth truly is the bride of all seasons.

Above all the beauty of spring makes me forget my sorrows. Its music thrills my ears. Its beauty pleases my eyes. Its freshness removes my tiredness and fills me with immense energy. Spring is the only season, whose magic engulfs and enthralls everybody. Hence, it is my favourite.


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