Short Moral Story Union is Strength in English

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Moral Story Union is Strength

Once there was an old farmer. He had three young sons. They were lazy and useless and always quarreled with one another. The farmer was a very worried man. He advised them to live in peace and harmony and never quarrel with one another. But it had no effect on them. One day he was about to die. He asked his three sons to bring a bundle of sticks. Then he asked his sons to break the bundle of sticks one by one. They tried their best one by one but could not break the bundle. Then the father asked his three sons to untie the bundle and break the sticks. They broke all the sticks separately quite easily. “Yes,” said the father, “could not break the sticks when they were united into a bundle. But you could break them when they were untied. Do you now see how Union is strength? Nobody can harm you if you three live united.”

The three brothers soon learned the lesson. From that day they ever lived in harmony, love, and unity and prospered.


The moral of Union is Strength story:

-Unity is Strength


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