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We are Sharing the meaning of Homonyms. Here also get a list of homonyms words with meanings (Homonyms Examples with Sentences).

What are Homonyms

There are some words in English that appear to be the same in form and sound, but different in meaning. Such words are often found in pairs and the students find them very confusing. Such words are called homonyms.

There are two types of Homonyms: Homophones and Homographs.

Homophones – Spelled same differently but sound same or pronounced same
Homographs – Spelled same but meanings are different, pronounced differently

100 examples of homonyms with sentences

Some examples of homonyms with sentences are given below with their meanings in brackets and the sentences that follow will show how different are their meanings.

List of Homonyms | Homonyms Examples with Sentences

List of Homonyms with meaning and sentences

Arc (Part of the circumference of a circle) He was asked to draw an arc.
Ark (Covered ship) Noah’s Ark gives us an idea about how this world was saved during the great flood.

Artist (One who draws or paints) XYZ was a great artist.
Artiste (Singer, actor, dancer, etc.) XYZ was a great artiste who made Indian dance forms popular.

Aught (Anything) I don’t think he has aught to say.
Ought (Should) You ought to go there.

Assent (Consent) You must have the assent of your parents if you want to take part in the excursion.
Ascent (Upward movement) The ascent of the mountains is not very difficult today.

Bail (Sum of money paid as security for the accused) The accused person is out of prison on bail.
Bale (Large bundle of goods) Some 200 bales of cotton were destroyed in the fire.

Beach (Seabank or seashores) Puri beach is rather narrow compared with the Digha beach.
Bitch (Female dog) The bitch is more greedy than the dog.

Boss (Master, Superior officer) His boss always chides him for being late.
Bosh (nonsense) You are talking bosh. Corporal (of the body)

Corporal ( of the body) Corporal punishment is forbidden in schools these days.
Corporeal ( Physical, opposite to spiritual ) Ghosts have no corporeal existence.

Calmly (Quietly) He calmly accepted his failure.
Comely (Pleasant to look at) The little girl appeared too comely to be ignored.

Choir  (Group of singers) Our school choir is invited to sing on Christmas Day.
Coir (Fibre from coconut) Beautiful carpets are made of coir.

Differ  (be unlike) The two brothers are like each other in appearance, but differ widely in their tastes.
Defer  (Put off or postpone) I asked him to defer his departure for a week.

Dawn (beginning) Since the very dawn of human civilization man has remained a social animal.
Don (Put on) He donned his new suit at the party.

Deity (image of God) Christians do not worship the deity.
Ditty (Simple song) Many of the folk songs are ditties of four lines.

Dart (rush) The dog darted forward to chase the cat.
Dirt (unclean matter) Sweep the floor clean and put the dirt in the dustbin.

Farther (comparative degree of far, meaning more distant) You should take some rest before going any farther.
Further (more, in addition) You must try to get further information about that man.

Forbear (refrain from, be patient) I forbear expressing any opinion of my own.
Forebear (ancestor, forefathers) We owe a lot to our forebear.

Forgo (give up) I forgo all pleasures in order to study hard.
Forego (that goes before) It was a foregone conclusion, that he would betray us.

Flair (instinctive ability) He has flair for writing poems.
Flare (burn) The candle began to. flare steadily.

Hoard (Store) There is a scarcity of baby food because some businessmen have- been hoarding it.
Horde (group of many) Hordes of People visited the Zoo on Christmas Days.

Hail (greet, call out to welcome) They hailed their leader when he arrived.
Hale (Strong and healthy) We found our friend hale and hearty in his new home.

Leak (a hole, crack) It is not safe to sleep here in rainy days as there is a leak in the roof.
Lick (pass the tongue above or under) The cat is licking its paws.

Lark (small song-bird) Larks are seen everywhere in the world.
Lurk (lying in wait to attack) Two young men were seen lurking behind the bush.

Mask (Cover on the face) The robbers came at night with masks over their faces.
Masque (drama in verse with music, dancing, and fine costumes) In the seventeenth century great masques were staged in England.

Naught  (nothing) All his plans came to naught.
Knot  (Pieces of ropes or strings tied together to fasten) I failed to open the packet because of this knot of strings.

Pick (take up, gather or remove with fingers) I picked up the pen from the table and began writing.
Peak (Pointed top of a mountain or of a cap) Several people died while climbing the peak of this mountain.

Pale (bloodless) He was frightened and his face was pale.
Pail (round and open vessel for carrying water, milk, etc.) The milkmaid came with a pail of milk on her head.

Pray (Offer thanks or make requests to gods etc.) He went to church to pray.
Prey (animal or bird killed and eaten by another) The deer fell prey to the lion.

Rain As it rained in the morning we could not go to school.
Rein (the strap fastened to the bridle) He pulled the rein to control the horse.

Rid (make free of) Everybody should try to rid himself of debt.
Reed (coarse grasses growing in or near water) Dried stalks of reed are often used for thatching.

Site (place) This site is selected for our new school building.
Cite (quote) While speaking to us he cited many examples of honesty.

Sour (not sweet, but sharp taste) The lemon tastes sour.
Shower (brief rah!, fall) A shower at noon brought the temperature down.

Sip (drink slowly) He took a long time to sip up his coffee.
Seep (trickle) The rainwater has been seeping through the wall.

Spacious (having a lot of space) Our classroom is very spacious.
Specious (false, though seemingly true) His explanation was a specious one.

Temper (State of mind) I found my friend in a bad temper.
Tamper (interfere with) In our absence, someone must have tampered with the doorbell.

Task  (work to do) I am given a task by my parents.
Tusk (tooth of an elephant) Tusk is very useful.

Vain (falsely proud) He is as vain as a peacock.
Vein (blood-vessel) Along our veins the blood flows back to the heart.

Vale (valley) The valleys of Kashmir are really beautiful.
Veil (Covering to hide the face of women) The veil of fine net covered her face.

Win ( be victorious ) Slow but steady wins the race.
Wean ( cause one to turn away from ) It is often difficult to wean people away from evil company.

Yoke (bar to which bulls etc, are tied while drawing the cart) Yokes are signs of slavery.
Yolk (Yellow part of an egg) I like to eat the yolk more than the white part.

Homographs – Spelled same but meanings are different, pronounced differently


Homophones and Homonyms list

Spelled same but meanings are different, pronounced differently ( Homographs )

Ate – Eight
Auger – Augur
Altar – Alter
Ant – Aunt
Arc – Ark
Aural – Oral
Bald – Bawled
Ball – Bawl
Baize – Bays
Band – Banned
Bard – Barred
Bare – Bear
Bean – Been
Beer – Bier
Berry – Bury
Berth – Birth
Billed – Build
Blue – Blew
Bored – Board
Baron – Barren
Be – Bee
Beach – Beech
Braid – Brayed
Break – Brake
Brews – Bruise
Bridal – Bridle
Broach – Brooch
Buy – By/ Bye
Capital – Capitol
Chili – Chilly
Choral – Coral
Cellar – Seller
Census – Sense
Cereal – Serial
Cite – Sight / Site
Coarse – Course
Complement – Compliment
Coun – Counsel
Deer – Dear
Doe – Dough
Done – Dun
Draft – Draught
Die – Dye
Discreet – Discrete
Dual – Duel
Earn – Urn
Ewe – You
Farther – Father
Flea – Flee
Flew – Flu/ Flue
Flex – Flecks
Faze – Phase
File – Phial
Find – Fined
Fir – Fur
Flaw – Floor
Flour – Flower
For – Four
Foreword – Forward
Fort – Fought
Foul – Fowl
Gait – Gate
Gamble – Gambol
Genes – Jeans
Gored – Gourd
Great – Grate
Groan – Grown
Hart – Heart
Hi – High
Him – Hymn
Hear – Here
Heel – Heal
Hoard – Horde
Hole – Whole
Holy – Wholly
Hour – Our
I – Eye
Idle – Idol
Incite – Insight
Knead – Need
Knew – New
Knight – Night
Knot – Not
Know – No
Levee – Levy
Links – Lynx
Loan – Lone
Loot – Lute
Leak – Leek
Lessen – Lesson
Made – Maid
Mail – Male
Medal – Meddle
Meet – Meat
Might – Mite
Main – Mane
Manna – Manner
Marshal – Martial
Mask – Masque
Maw – More
Mist – Missed
Moose – Mousse
Muscle – Mussel
None – Nun
Oar – Or
Overdo – Overdue
Pail – Pale
Passed – Past
Peace – Piece
Peak – Peek
Pedal – Peddle
Pain – Pane
Pair – Pear
Plane – Plain
Principal – Principle
Profit – Prophet
Rain – Reign
Rode – Road
Role – Roll
Rouse – Rows
Red – Read
Right – Write
Ring – Wring
Rung – Wrung
Sail – Sale
Sauce – Seen
Soar – Sore
Sole – Soul
Some – Sum
Scull – Skull
See – Sea
Shoe – Shoo
Stalk – Stork
Stare – Stair
Side – Sighed
Slay – Sleigh
Sort – Sought
Staid – Stayed
Stationary – Stationery
Steal – Steel
Stile – Style
Sun – Son
Their – There
Tail – Tale
Team – Teem
Than – Then
Throne – Thrown
Tide – Tied
To, Two – Too
Toe – Tow
You’r – Your
Vain – Vein
Vary – Very
Who’s – Whose
Won – One
Would – Wood
Way – Weigh
Weak – Week
Weather – Whether
Where – Wear
Which – Witch
Wail – Whale
Waste – Waist

Spelled same and sound same but meanings are different ( Homographs )

Nail – Nail
Bank – Bank
Can – Can
Cool – Cool
Air – Air
Date – Date
Palm – Palm
Clips – Clips
Arm – Arm
Right – Right
Band – Band
Watch – Watch
Ruler – Ruler
Mean – Mean
Fall – Fall
Ream – Ream
Die – Die
Bat – Bat
Jag – Jag
Pole – Pole
Left – Left
Trip – Trip
Spring – Spring
Fly – Fly
Tender – Tender
Gift – Gift
Fair – Fair
Tire – Tire
Duck- Duck
Bright – Bright
Express – Express
Rose – Rose
Well – Well
Book – Book
Kind – Kind
Stalk – Stalk
Address – Address
Wave – Wave
Quarry – Quarry
Sink – Sink
Address – Address
Current – Current
Scale – Scale
Letter – Letter
Ship – Ship
Tie – Tie
Spring – Spring
Arm – Arm
Bat – Bat
Match – Match
Ring – Ring
Circular – Circular
File – File
Bark – Bark
Rose- Rose
Put – Put
Park – Park
Saw – Saw
Stalk – Stalk
Rock – Rock
Point- Point
Match – Match
Drop – Drop
Band – Band
Well – Well
Pound – Pound
Lie – Lie
Bear – Bear

# examples of homonyms with same spelling in sentences

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