Essay on Computer in English Students & Children

We are Sharing an Essay on Computer in English for students. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short essay on Computer for Class 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in 100, 250, 300, 400, 500 words.

Essay on Computer in English Students & Children

Computer Essay for Kids in 100 words

A computer is an electronic machine. It has six main parts- CPU ( Central Processing Unit ), Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, and Speakers. CPU is the most important part of a computer. The monitor screen displays the things done on the computer. The keyboard is mainly used for typing numbers and letters. The mouse is used to perform multiple tasks like drawing, painting, and opening/closing folders and files. The printer is used for printing. Speakers are mainly used for listening to music. A computer can do many things. It works very fast. It can memorize and store a lot of things. The computer has revolutionized and changed the world in many ways.


Essay on Computer in 300 words

This modern era belongs to science and technology. Every day new equipment and machines are invented. One such great invention is that of the computer. It is a box full of knowledge and information. It is a compact library or a compact heap of files in an office. It has made man’s life full of comfort.

The computer was built by the joint efforts of three scientists. They are Mr. P. Icrate, Mr. John W. Mac ley, and Mr. G.V. Newman. It was built in the year 1944. By today many improvements have been made to this machine to update it.

A computer works like a human brain. It can store any data, it can analyse it, and draw conclusions. It can be used to make figures, fill up colours in them. It can solve the sums quickly. It is used in offices to store all the important information. Advertisements can be shown on it. Shopping can be done by it at your place only. One can do banking through it. One can check one’s account in a few seconds only. One can make reservations for traveling by train or by air. It can provide you information regarding any place, anywhere in the world. Every department of our government today uses computers. It is being used in warfare also. Police Department depends upon it for matching fingerprints. You can even get your horoscope made through it.

Education and training in computers are in much demand today. Various courses are being run by the government as well as private institutions. Courses such as B.C.A., M.C.A., M.S.C., etc. are being conducted. Admission to these courses is done through an entrance test. Thousands of students sit every year for these entrance tests, only a few get selected. private courses are very costly.

The day is not far away when every household core will be done by computers. People will derive maximum benefits from it. Life will be like a dream.


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