Essay on Radio in English For Students and Children

We are Sharing an essay on Radio in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a very short Radio Essay for Classes 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and Graduation in 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 words.

Essay on Radio in English For Students and Children

Radio Essay in English for kids ( 100 to 150 words )

The radio is a sort of wireless telegraphy. It brings to us the talks, news, and music from distant places without the help of a wire. It is one of the wonders of science. The Italian scientist Marconi invented this system. In 1901 this system worked successfully to send messages to distant places.

It is interesting to know how the radio works. The radio has two machines. One is called the transmitter and the other is called the receiver. At the radio stations, the transmitter works and in our homes, we receive through our radio receiver what the stations send. Thus the listeners can hear the music, songs, and talks with the help of the receiver.

The radio is very popular all over the world. We can know about the world and learn many things from the radio. It helps spread education. We also enjoy its programs of music and songs, the running commentaries of sports and games and many other things


Essay on Radio  ( 450 to 500 words )

The broadcasting system is a very strong medium of mass communication which is rather instant. With the development of science and technology, various suitable mechanical devices have been made for long-distance communications. Like telegraph and telephone, radio is also one of such devices. Through radio, communication may easily and instantly be made from one end to the other end of the world, and simultaneously to innumerable people.

In India, the All India Radio ( Akashvani) broadcasts various ‘types of programmes: news bulletins, weather reports, music, drama, talks and discourses on different subjects, children’s programme, a cultural programme for youth peasant’s programme, folk songs and instrumental music, educational programme, sports coverage etc. Those who can afford a radio set can enjoy the unique facilities of listening to the various programmes, that are broadcast by All India Radio in our country. in some of the rural community centres, the government have supplied free radio sets for the benefit of the poorer section of the people for listening to the educational programmes, especially in respect of modern and, developed methods of agriculture, poultry development and similar other useful features, in addition to the usual music, drama or other programmes that are generally broadcast.

In the developed countries, there are some powerful radio networks: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC of England), the Voice of America (VOA), Radio Moscow (U.S.S.R), Radio Peking (China) etc. These organizations are generally found to direct their programmes towards the under-developed countries, sometimes with the objective of propaganda.

Radio is an audio-visual system of communication. In it, the voice medium has to activize the hearing sense. The source of the voice remaining out of sight can be called one-way communication. This communication medium carries the voice simultaneously to millions in the neighbourhood as well as to distant places. It can perform miracles, provided it is used in the proper direction with good programmes having educative, cultural and aesthetic values. It should not be used for sensitive political propaganda or any other motivated cause against any kind of public interest.

Educational instructions for the students may be well carried through the medium of the radio. Music, vocal or instrumental, can be selectively broadcast for the entertainment of the listeners, Talks on important topics concerning social, historical, or educational matters can amuse and help the common man. News, local and overseas, win he relayed with the spirit, of true journalism, that is, without uttering or exaggerating the messages, alter they are received through the news agencies, The proper use of the powerful medium of radio can be used to play a significant role in forming public opinion in matters of national interest.


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